Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Friendly Competition

This week Ryan & I turned in our brackets, but it's not for basket ball.  It's for something way more important, American Idol!  It's actually kind of funny because it's a guy at work is organizing the pool.  I think it costs $5 dollars to enter and there is this whole scoring system.  I'll list the rules below.  First, I want to show you my picks and then Ryan's.  I'm going on a limb and saying my list will crush Ryan's!  In actuality, I have really no clue how it will go down.  It still feels early to really pick who I think will win it or the runner ups.  So it will be interesting what shakes out.

Here are the rules:

1) Pick the order of finish of the remaining 12 Idols (whoever gets knocked out next will finish in 12th)

2) You will be awarded points for the absolute difference between your projected finish and the actual finish (if you pick Tim to finish 5th and he finishes 7th = 2 points, if you pick Tim to finish 7th and he finishes 5th = 2 points)

3) The player with the lowest total score at the end will win

4) Tie breaker will be the number of exact finishes projected (handicapped if necessary to weight towards the better finish - I pick correctly for #1 & #3 and you pick correctly for #2 & #3, I win)

5) If two Idols are eliminated in the same week, they will finish in a tie for that week's spot (someone is saved this coming week, then two people are eliminated next week, there will be two that finish in 7th place and no one that finishes in 8th place)

6) Picks due to me by 5:00 pm Central on Tuesday, March 16th. $5 entry fee due by Friday, March 19th

7) Payout for top 3 places in the pool - actual $ TBD after all entrants have paid

Do you guys watch AI?  Who do you think will be the next idol?  Do you think Ryan or I will win between the two of us?


  1. More important than basketball?? Oh be still my heart. Hey, I went off of FB for a while, let's get in touch about that dinner soon!!

  2. I used to run a pool exactly like this back when I worked!!! How hilarious. Since then, Beau and I just pick and see who wins between the two of us. I didn't even remember to do it this year. Bummer! Maybe I'll do it for the top 10.
    Love that we do the same silly pools!

  3. OMG I totally wanna do one of those. I am freakin out cause I missed this weeks!

    .. love the chicken furniture, the rodeo! Soo fun, we shoulda hung out!


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