Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Shred Update

Ok, so I have failed miserably with the Shred workouts. I don't know why it is so hard for me to stick to a good work out routine. Part of the problem is my current work schedule. I got home late, and I'm usually starving or tired. So by the time I get around to doing the video it's around 8:30pm. Then I'm so wired after the workout I can't go to bed! It's a vicious cycle.

Probably the best time for me to workout is in the morning. But it's like pulling teeth for me to even get up in time to shower before work. I'm just not a morning person. Any suggestions?? I really want to get back into running, and I'm thinking about signing up for a 10k in April. When I sign up for something it's easier to force myself to workout because I know I have to.

Has anyone heard of the Reebok EasyTones? I just purchased a pair and wore them for the first time this past weekend at the Rodeo Run. I have to say, I felt like my legs felt more tired then they normally would be after walking around in them all morning. It was weird at first but you get used to it pretty quick. I'm looking forward to wearing them when I go on walks, shopping in the mall, airports or whatever. Hopefully, these shoes will sculpt my legs like the models they show. :)
I'm still going to attempt to continue with the Shred videos. It just won't be every night. :)


  1. I come home REALLY tired from school a lot of days. I've found that 30 min of exercise (including the SHRED!) kicks me back into gear to make dinner. I hate those 8:30 workouts too!

  2. I need to Shred....but she scares me! :) lol


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