Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sedona, Arizona

I can't believe how long it's taken me to blog about Ryan & I's big trip!! This was such a big trip that it's going to take me several posts. I hope you don't mind. :)

We actually got back from our trip to Kansas City on a Sunday, worked Monday & Tuesday, and then left for Sedona Wednesday morning!!

Ryan & I's good friends, Mark & Brittney, invited us awhile back to Brittney's Aunt's vacation home in Sedona, Arizona. We were thrilled because nei
ther of us had ever been to Arizona. This was the big trip that that I wanted to lose weight for and didn't lose a single pound. Ugg.

Mark, Ryan & I flew out of Houston to Phoenix together, and Brittney met us there. She was coming from California because of work. Here's Ryan with our HUGE bag. It was right at 50 pounds, poor thing. The bag looks much bigger in person.
We were all starving by the time we landed and got our luggage. We decided to hit up Denny's because Brittney has never eaten there before. What!!? I had to introduce her! I love breakfast food. Doesn't this look delish??
This might just be Brittney's new fav...
We rented a car to drive the two hours from Phoenix to Sedona. This is Brittney & I holding down the fort in the backseat.
When we drove up to the house my jaw literally hit the floor. Was I on an episode of Cribs??
Did I die and go to Heaven?? The part of the house you see to the left above the garages is the guest house. And that is where Ryan & I got to stay!!
The house was freaking on a mountain over looking Sedona! It was nestled back in this quaint cul-de-saq.
To die for views.
Here's a more complete view of the house and you can better see the setting it's in. Unreal.
(Picture provided from Brittney's Aunt.)

This is the cross walk connecting the main part of the house to "our" guest house. :)
I'm going to save showing you all the main part of the house for another post. There are just too many photos!

I'll start by showing you Ryan & I's diggs. Right when you walk in, it's a very large open living space. It included a nice kitchen area, living room and dining. There was even a Wii! Brittney's Aunt thought of everything!
Very nicely decorated.
Ryan & I's bedroom. I LOVED the leopard print carpets. I would totally rock those in my house if I could.
The sitting area in the bedroom with gorgeous views.
Our own private wrap around deck. I thought I was on our second honeymoon!

I still have so much more to show you of the house and the rest of our trip. So just sit back and relax because this may take awhile. ;)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mi Casa Dos

Yesterday I completely forgot to tell you guys about a weird encounter my mom & I experienced while out shopping on Thursday (in KC). We were about to leave this cute little shop when my mom spotted something over in the distance. It was a raccoon just walking along it's merry way.
Then all of a sudden it spotted us and started to saunter over in our direction. I thought it was just a coincidence...
But then it became very obvious that it was headed directly for us! Just look at him staring at us!!
I wasn't sure if it thought we were going to give him food or if it was rabid. I've never see one this close before. I started to freak at this point.
So my mom & I ran back inside the shop. It came right up to the door and even put his paws on the glass! My mom said she's never seen a raccoon do that before. Have any of you? He stayed there for awhile and when he finally moved, we bolted for the car. Wasn't that so weird??

Back to the regular scheduled post... On Friday & Saturday, Ryan had an extra ticket to the Big 12 for his dad & best friend, Miles. I think the boys had a lot of fun watching the games together.

Here's Harlan & Ryan giving their best impression of Vienna's classic look off The Bachelor. :)
Back to normal.
Poor Sasha... The mean boys were "fake" petting her. They waved their hands above her and talked in sappy voices to her.
Poor thing. It just left her confused and wondering when she was really going to get pet!
Anyway, after the boys left for the basket ball game, Kara came to pick me up to go to lunch at Jose Peppers. After catching up and stuffing our faces, Kara drove me by the house that her & her husband are closing on next month! It's their first house, and I'm so excited for them. I know Kara is going to do all sorts of amazing things to it with her fabulous design ideas. I can't wait!
Then I came home and ran a few errands with my mom. We got done with those just in time to head down to the plaza to have dinner with the Ebrights and friends at Minsky's Pizza.

Susan, Mom & Sally
The whole gang. It was so great to catch up with some of Sally's dear friends. They were so sweet to want to hang out and join us for dinner. She's one lucky girl to have such amazing friends that care about her so much.

Sunday was our last day in KC and we had a later flight. This gave us time to see my Grandma and some family members. Especially this sweet thang, Addison.
She was soooo cute! She knew exactly what to do with a book and even laid down with it as if she were reading it in bed.
Addy loves her Great Grandma so much. I think everybody does. You just can't help it! Here she is singing to little Addison.
Mom, Me, Grandma, Addy, Aunt Cindy and Cousin Chelsea
Everyone again minus mom and plus Ryan

I already miss everyone so much and want to come visit again. Maybe everyone could just move here??

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mi Casa

Ok, so I am really behind on my blogging! I didn't mean to disappear for so long. But I do have a lot of fun things to blog about that happened these past few weeks. :) So lets get started.

Do you remember the Big 12 Championship that happened a few weeks ago? Well, that is the time period of these next two blogs. Ryan was offered some tickets to see the whole tournament through work but it was still considered work since he would be entertaining customers there. Lucky man! Since the Championship was held in my home town of Kansas City, I couldn't get left behind.

I was able to fly out early Thursday morning and my mom picked me up from the airport. She was able to get half the day off, and we spent it shopping around at really neat stores. I will have to show you later something that I picked up that is really cool! It was great to spend the day with my mom and just hang out with really nothing to do. So nice.

Really Sasha? This is how you greet me?! Scaredy cat!
Friday morning Ryan & I woke up early to meet his mom, Susan, and grandpa, Patrick, downtown for a brunch. My mom had to work so she wasn't able to join in on the fun.
Susan wanted to try out this restaurant called Chez Elle. It's in an old movie theater and serves all kinds of crepes. The inside was so quaint and was exploding with personality. I loved it!
I got a banana, strawberry and Nutella crepe. I've never had Nutella before and was kind of scared to try it. It was delicious! I practically licked it off the plate and could of had 3 more crepes. For some reason I thought it was healthy for you but I was informed that my notion was incorrect. :)

Me, Papa, Ryan & Susan
After spending a delightful brunch with Susan & Papa, Ryan had to get back to the tourney, and I did a little shopping down in the Plaza. Then made it back to my neck of the woods and did a little more shopping. :)

My mom had asked that I pick her up from work and come in to say "hi" to some of her coworkers. My mom is a Cardiac Registered Nurse (RN) at the Olathe Medical Center. She actually got her RN here in Texas up in Denton, Texas Women's University.
This is one of the doctor's she works with. I think he's one of her favorites.
When we got home I presented my mom with a little gift from Susan. She had brought my mom some fresh eggs from her chickens back at the farm. My mom was shocked that eggs came in so many different colors, but she was thrilled to use fresh, straight from the chicken, eggs.
Later that night, I got the chance to hang out with one of my besties, Michelle! I love you girl! It is so good to spend quality time with good friends. I miss her so much. :( She is actually about to start a R.N. program in May. She is going to rule the school! It ain't no thang for her. ;)
Don't you think Michelle & her hubby, David, make such a hansom couple??
Here are some fun pics of my mom and I playing with my new computer.
Mom, you are such a sport!
Love you to pieces! (Even though I look angry in this picture.)
Stay tuned for the final post on Kansas City fun!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Chick Chic

Chick chic: Fowl furniture

Ebright's furniture ottomans are constructed of wood, felt and bronze.

Would you believe me if I told you that this chicken wasn't real? Well, it isn't. My ridiculously talented sister-in-law, Sally, had a vision and brought this creation to life!

Sally is about to graduate from Kansas State University in May with a Bachelors & Masters in Interior Architecture. She was challenged at school to come up with something unique for her final furniture project. In addition to the fact that these chickens look so real they also serve a function. They can be used as foot stools!! How crazy is that??

These creations were entered into a contest at school and won first place! They even got the attention of a newspaper in Topeka, Kansas (the capitol). Sally was asked if her master pieces could be featured in the paper! Along with a write up, she even had 6 full color photos displayed!! I'm pretty sure her phone hasn't stopped ringing. Before long, she's going to have a booming business with chicken ottomans! You can read the full article HERE.
The body of Ebright's chicken ottomans are made of cottonwood logs fashioned into an egg shape.

Susan Ebright helps card the wool that will used for the combs and wattles of her daughter's creations.

Ebright pours hot bronze in the molds for the beaks and feet of her chicken ottomans.

"Henny" and "Penny"
Ebright's ottomans are sturdy enough to sit on. A spring in their necks allows the heads to nod when patted.

Sally Ebright, center, will show off her chicken ottomans at an upcoming gallery show featuring furniture constructed by fifth-year architecture and product design students at Kansas State University. Samantha Lang, left, and Sara Ege, also will show their works in the show.

Harlan, Susan & Emily were a huge help and supported of Sally through this whole process. I think they are all want to go into business together. How knows, maybe you'll see these chickens someday in Anthropology. :)