Wednesday, February 17, 2010

V-Day Weekend Part 1

YHappy Valentine's DayY
(I made these rice crispy treats back for the Super Bowel game.)
On Friday, Ryan & I had some good friends come in town to visit us from Bartlesville. Before they got here, I had lunch at Logan's Roadhouse (mmmm... bread) with some wonderful girls from my office. They are so much fun and I'm so lucky to have great girls to work with.
Me, Shannon & Kristen
Our friends, Nathan & Janet, got in after work and shortly after picking them up from the airport we introduced them to Freebirds. We hung low that night because everyone was pretty wiped from such a long day.
Bright and early the next day, I could not wait to share my love of Shipley's donuts with them. I think I got them hooked too. :)
Then we had to work off what we just ate so we took them to Memorial Park to walk the popular loop. We made a pit stop at the country club to grab a few pics. We made another stop so the boys could admire the cars.
Ryan & Nat
Me & Janet
Nathan & Janet have only been to Houston for work so they had never really explored the city. So Ryan & I took it upon ourselves to drive them around to some fun areas of town. We are always trying to come up with fun ideas and different things to do. One of our ideas came from my coworker who suggested taking them on a brewery tour. None of us had ever been on one and I thought Nat & Janet would really enjoy it.
Apparently, the brewery (Saint Arnold) had moved locations so we drove all over to find it. Once we finally got there, we were lead into this huge room here hundreds of people were just congregating. Many of them brought their lunches and games to play. It was pretty interesting and a great place to people watch.
Unfortunately, there was not a tour at their new location. You could see the brewery from the windows but it was still fun just to hang out with our friends. They were good sports about it.
Nat & Janet
Ryan & I
I have so much more fun things to share with you all from our weekend. However, I am getting sleepy so I will post Part 2 soon!


  1. People up north say that Krispie Kremes are the best, but they have nothing on our Shipley's. They are soooo much better!

  2. Those treats look yummy, and I think you need to introduce me to Freebirds!! Let's set up a dinner soon friend!!

  3. Love Freebirds and Shipley's! SO much better than Kripsy Kream!

  4. What fun! It's fun to play tour guides! :)

  5. Would you really hate me if I told you that at first glance it looked like you had raw hamburgers shaped like hearts in a tin pan? Ha! You guys look so cute!


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