Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Silhouette Girl

Some of you guys made a comment about the silhouettes in my new blog header. Well, I've been waiting to post about it until I was ready to show you the finished product.
Aren't they gorgeous?? For Christmas, Ryan & I decided to have our silhouettes done as our gift to each other. Thought it was so sweet and a creative idea that would mean a lot to us. Eventually, we'll add out kid's silhouettes to the mix too. ;)
I thought they would be perfect right above our bed. Now, I want to find some cool candle holders to mount on either side of the silhouettes to finish the look. It will be so romantic. Once we get our new bedding, this room will really looked transformed.
Here are closer shots of them. I love the background paper. I think it really adds something extra to it. I got the frames at Hobby Lobby.
You maybe wondering who the talented person is that made these unique creations. Well, her name is Sarah Loving. Don't you just love her name?? Her husband, Chris, works for the same company as Ryan & I and we have become really close to their family. We got to meet his beautiful wife, Sarah, and their three adorable boys back in Bartlesville, OK. They have a gorgeous home, and Sarah had it decorated so cute. She is one of those people that just has that natural ability to decorate and design. While we were there I kept commenting on her silhouettes and how much I loved them. That's when I found out she did them for other people. So I kept that in mind and I knew that I wanted to use her.
All I did was send her profile pictures of Ryan & I and that's all she needed. Sarah even created this fun digital image of us because she is so sweet.
Her company's name is The Silhouette Girl and she offers one of a kind hand cut silhouettes for the same cost as most digital reproductions. Sarah also offers hand soldered jewelry charms and custom silhouette stationary cards. Check out her albums for samples and pricing on facebook. Here's the link. Or you can email her at


  1. I love your new look! It looks great and the silhouettes are such a cute idea!

  2. Those are too cute! I remember my mom doing that when we were little, but never thought about doing it for EmmyKate. Send me an email at so I can tell you who my OB/GYN is. I couldn't find your address. I didn't want to leave a comment with her name and number just in case there was some weirdo stalking you or me!

  3. I think that is so romantic. What a neat idea. You two are just too cute together!

  4. They look beautiful and above the bed is a great spot for them! :)

  5. What a neat idea! Love how you put it behind your bed!

  6. I love your new look. It's so cute! I love that you have them above your bed!

  7. They are so beautiful and I love the frames! Hobby Lobby is oh so dangerous! I truly heart that store. Your room looks so pretty. I really like THAT bedding, so I'm curious as to what you picked out!

  8. I never got to thank you for your sweet comment on my Christmas decor. Thank you. I am just catching up on some blogging after a busy start of the year. I love the silhouettes....and I love your blog.



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