Monday, February 1, 2010

Siblings Weekend

We got to enjoy a wonderful visit this past weekend with Ryan's sisters. The main event was Emily's big 3-0 birthday on Saturday. So Emily got to decide everything we did. It was all about her and making it a birthday weekend she wouldn't forget. We soon realized that this was the first time that it was just the siblings all together and no grown ups! ;)

Since there was a big snow storm hitting most of the Midwest, the girls took off extra early Thursday morning to try and beat it. They were successful and made it into Houston around 3. Impressive! Once Ryan & I got off work, we quickly decided that we were all hungry. One of our favorite places to eat is Lupes because their home made tortillas are to die for! I always find it interesting when I go there that they have a sand box for the kids to play in while the family is waiting for a table. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want my child covered in sand right before we eat!
The "easy on your eyes" Ebright Siblings
After that we stopped by one of my favorite ice cream shops, Maggie Moo's, then headed home. It was a pretty long day for the girls so we just watched a movie and went to bed.

The next morning after sleeping in, we got ready and headed downtown to visit the Contemporary Arts Museum. Emily tried to see it the last time she was here but it was closed. They switch out their art every three months so it always keeps in interesting. The building was pretty cool too.
We had fun posing in the awesome doorway.
Afterward we came across a contemporary sculpture park. Some of the designs are so crazy!
Where's Waldo?
I love these guys.
The trees in the museum/Rice district are absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had these trees in my backyard. Ryan & Sally were admiring the beautiful mansions downtown. We worked up quite an appetite after walking all over and decided to try out Crave Cupcakes. I've heard wonderful things about this trendy little spot. The architecture and design inside really sets off the cupcakes. :)
They have every different flavor imaginable. I was drooling at this point.
Oh good gracious!
The anticipation was killing me!
Finally, sweet gloriousness in my hands! I am not kidding when I say, I could have died a happy woman after eating that cupcake. It was the best thing I have ever tasted!! I will be back at least once a month.
After running a few more errands and Ryan scrapping me off Crave Cupcake's floor, we needed to get a few groceries for dinner. The girls really wanted to try the Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti.
Ryan & Emily at the enormous H.E.B. by our house.
While Ryan & I prepared dinner, the girls broke out the Richard Simmons workout video that Emily pretty much stared in. She was like in every shot! The girl was born to be a star.
Emily even wore the same shirt just so we knew it was her in the video.
Can you spot her?
I decided to try out my Aunt Roena's famous rolls for this special occasion. They turned out ok but I definitely have room to improve. Did anyone else know that you aren't really suppose to work the dough very much?? Apparently it gets really tough if you do and man did I work that dough with my dough hook! Oooops!
The Chicken Spaghetti turned out just as good as the first time. My mom requested that I put the recipe on here but I'm going to do you one better. Here is the link to PW's site where she takes you step by step through this recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
We did change a few things to more of our liking, such as using Cream of Chicken instead of Cream of Mushroom. That's what I love out PW's recipes. You can tweak them to be your own.
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  1. I'm gonna have to try that recipe - it looks delicious!

  2. I don't understand the sandbox thing at Lupe's either. That is the main reason that we have never taken EmmyKate there. She would be itchy all through the meal!

  3. That looks like alot of fun!!! We are going to have to try out that museum since we've never been there.

  4. You and your family are so stinking cute. and I want to try a cupcake!

  5. LOL. I found out the hard way about the dough too. No worries:-)

  6. what a fun family you have!!
    looks like ya'll had such a great time together! :)
    the cupcakes look delicious!
    the recipe sounds super yummy too! sorry the buns didn't turn out the best, they look good still!
    love all the cute photos hun!
    and how awesome emily was a star on a workout vid! ;)

  7. Looks like a blast! Glad to see every city has a great cupcake place. Ours in Indy is called The Flying Cupcake. Yum! And oh how I heart Richard. Ryan's sisters are too cute!

  8. i should totally try that recipe. i bought the book and have yet to make something out of it, but starting next week I will be working part time so hopefully that will give me a some extra time to try out new dishes :)
    Oh and I think you should join in the adventure of pregnancy with me :) You'd make a super cute pregnant lady and a great mom! :)

  9. you are so cute and fun! What a great weekend! love the pics!

  10. She was like Richard's main gal! :)

  11. See, you and Ryan ARE always having fun. I'm so jealous. LOL But thank goodness becuase if you didn't, I would be bored on this very cold Friday night. Haha

    I love the pics of your silly Where's waldo. Very fun.

    That is very cool that your SIL was actually in the video. Richard Simmons was just on the Ellen show a few weeks ago and that man hasn't changed. I bet she had a great time making that video.

    BTW, we are coming out March 27- April 4th. We are only supposed to have one or maybe two games a day. The schedule will be out closer to that time. I really hope we can figure out a time and meet up again.


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