Monday, January 18, 2010

I miss Katie!

Sadly my roomie, Katie, has made the move to Dallas to join husband and start a new job.

I'm sure both Katie & Jon are thrilled to be living in the same town again. I, on the other hand, am missing my good friend. Katie took a job with Dr. Pepper / Snapple company. After 5 hard months of being away from her hubby, she if finally reunited. :)
Katie & I met 2 and a half years ago when I started at ConocoPhillips. We became fast friends and our friendship has continued to deepen these past few years.

I don't have a ton of friends in Houston yet so it's really hard for me to let a REALLY good one leave. Shoot, after 5 months of living together, we're like family! I miss Katie's daily ability to make me laugh and her always entertaining stories. I miss her fun personality and her great ability to plan everything. She is my sista!

Katie wrote me a sweet note before she left and I completely agree with everything she said. I'm going to quote her because I couldn't say it any better. "I will definitely miss our crazy adventures, movies, dinners, pizza, Grey's marathon watching, work outs, Wednesday night hangouts, you dragging me to the scary movie, 4 hour line to get books signed, and more."
I owe Katie so much for befriending me in Bartlesville and showing me the way. I was a scared little pup when I first started at COP and Katie let me follow her around. She introduced me to everybody and even got me involved with her church. These past five months have truly been a blessing sharing life with this girl. I know Yogi, a.k.a Katie's boyfriend, is really missing her too.
Even though Katie might live 4 hours away and works for a different company, I know she will always be a life long friend. Katie, you know I will be there in a heartbeat when you have triplets!! (joke for katie.)
Miss you so much friend and I can't wait to come visit you. Better have that guest room ready to go!!

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  1. So sweet!! And seriously, we are both in Katy, so we should really get together soon! As long as you don't mind a busy 14 month old, or we can always get a baby sitter haha.

  2. So awesome that you have such a great friend.

    I am sure you will talk often! :)

  3. This is sweet! At least you have times you can reminisce about and maybe a new place to visit now.

  4. Awwwww the cupcake picture! You said you would never post it! I love it!

  5. its always so hard when friends move away :(
    i'm sure you two will remain close!! :) you have so many fun memories! cute pictures!!

  6. This is a very sweet post! Making new friends never quite replaces the old. If your friend needs any help relocating to dear ole Dallas let me know! I'd love to help her out!

  7. I know how you feel my best friend moved to California and it's really far from Houston. HOpefully since she's only four hours away you guys can still get together;)


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