Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Family Please!

After sleeping in, it was already time for lunch and my mom wanted to treat us to Houlihan's. It's a nice restaurant in KC that everybody loves to go to. We actually ended up running into our friend Brad there, just after seeing him the night before. Once we were filled up, we headed to the mall for a little more shopping. It had been forever since I'd been back to Oak Park Mall. It was so good to be back. :)
Ryan, my mom & I at Houlihan's
Then we made our way to my Aunt Cindy's house where my grandma lives as well. I was so excited to see all my cousins that had come over to visit too.
Aunt Darla, Uncle John and baby Temperance
I think all my cousins are trying to kill me off with so many cute babies being born!
All the little ones where at the house when I got there. They entertained me to no end! Here's Kaylee showing Addy her baby whale. Kaylee did not lose sight of that whale all day, too funny.
My mom getting in some practice with a newborn for when her time comes to be a grandma. (Not for a long time! Ha!) Don't ask me what my cousin Matt was doing. He told me I had to pay him to get a picture.
My cousin Chelsea with her precious baby girl Addy. She had gotten so big since I last saw her!
Addy, Aunt Cindy, Kaylee & Grandma
Sommer just had baby Temperance back in November.
Izzy, Bryan, Tempe & Sommer
Sweet Izzy feeding Grandma some popcorn. She would eat a piece and then gave Grandma a piece.
Kaylee, Kathy, & cousin Matt (I want them to have another baby so bad!)
The girls decided to have a dance party in the middle of the room for some entertainment.
It started to crack up Addy. She thought it was hysterical! Too cute.
Tempe just chilled in her daddy's arms while all the commotion went on around her.
Addy eventually tried to get in on the action too.
Too cute for words! They are going to grow best friends.
Snagging a picture with Grandma
We had to rush out of there to meet up with Emily to see the 3-D movie Avatar. Everything was sold out except the dinner and the movie one. It worked out because none of us had eaten and it was a new experience for everyone. That movie was AMAZING! Ryan swears he will still be talking about it when our kids are grown. The story was good but the graphics were incredible. Please see it in 3-D.
Emily, Ryan, Me and My Mom in our 3-D glasses
Only one more day left in KC after this and it was a busy one!

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  1. Oh my gosh! I LOVED Avatar! We are going to see it for a second time this weekend!

  2. Love that last picture, so cute!! I am getting the baby itch again from reading your posts with all these babies!

  3. So all the family pictures...and yet a dumb anonymous person ruis the comment section..tool.

  4. love your outfit!! you are too cute girly!!
    i already have baby fever and if i had to be around all those little ones it would make me want one even more! ;)
    you have so many adorable kids in your family!! :)

  5. I haven't seen Avatar yet...but I'm thinking I need too soon. Everyone raves about it!

    I gave you a little award at my blog!

  6. Where did you do the movie/dinner at? I'm thinking Sprint center but hey, I could be wrong. LOL

    Man, after reading about your short stay and really packing in all of your visits, I think I need a nap. You guys sure saw a lot of people.


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