Friday, January 29, 2010

Happy B-Day Linds!

Happy Birthday Friend! I will not disclose your age. :oP We will always be young at heart no matter what. I am so blessed to have such a great friend here in Houston so far away from family. Looking forward to more adventures this year!
I had to include an out take. Good pictures don't always come naturally ya know. :)

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Favorite iPhone Apps

I purchased an iPhone about a year and a half ago and never looked back. I convinced my husband I needed one for my birthday because he was always on his Blackberry. This phone has cured my boredom whenever I needed something to distract me. Plus I had my email, directions to places and the Internet at my finger tips!

I think I was so consumed by the features already on the phone that I never really downloaded a ton of apps until the more recent months. It has become a whole new phone to me again. Since I've gotten a lot of suggestions for apps, I thought I would share some of my favorites. If you have one and want to share with me what your favs are just leave me a comment. I love finding out about fun new ones.

(In now particular order.)

Around Me: Allows you to quickly find things that are around you. This is a pretty new app for me but I've used it a lot! You can search for banks, gas stations, movie theatres, restaurants, and much, much more. It provides an address, phone number and even directions how to get there.

AppBox: This is also a relatively new app for me and it's so fun. It has apps within it's apps! There's a currency app, translator, tip calc, holiday calendar, track special days, count downs, sale price and a ton of other things. I haven't had a chance to check out everything on this but it's chalk full of goodness.

Amazon: Everyone needs this one. I myself am a huge Amazon shopper and this app made it easy to check things out when I'm away from my computer. There's a wish list feature that lets me add things I want and come back to it.

Bump: My friend over the holidays made me download this free app so that we could literally just bump our phones together and have all our contact information transfer to one other. Gone are the days where I will have to type in new contact info (if they have iPhones). You can also bump phones for photos and files too.

Camera Bag: This app is just a fun photo enhancer. What I like about it, is that it's a simple and easy way to make your pictures pop. There aren't a million different options to chose from so it's not overwhelming.

Epicurious: Great app to find recipes for dinners, desserts, healthy lunches, snacks and even dinner party ideas. You could be on the go or at the grocery store and completely forget to bring a recipe with you, but have no fear! You can search for the recipe and get all the ingredients you need right then and there.

FAC: Now this just made me laugh. This apps sole purpose is to fake a phone call. If you know you are going to be in a situation that you might get caught in for too long, just fake a call to get out of it! Ha! You can set it up so it looks like your husband, mom or even the President is calling you.

Fandango: I use this all the time to look up movie times and what's playing at theatres around me. You can even purchase your tickets through this app. It can use your current location or you can type in a zip code to find theatres.

Gas Bag: Helps you find the cheapest gas around you. So you aren't stuck driving around trying to figure out what gas station has the lowest gas price.

Pandora: Ryan's little sister got me hooked on this with my personal computer. So when I found out there was an app for it, I flipped! It's great for listening to music from your favorite artists and some new folks in the same genre. I've found some really good songs from here.

Redbox: You can probably tell by now that I love watching movies. Ryan & I have been huge fans of the .99 cent Redbox movies and this app makes it even easier to find them around us. It even tells you what movies they currently have in the box.

Restaurants: Not sure if you really would want this app, but I found it interesting. Ryan & I eat out a lot and this app shows me what the calories are in foods at some main fast food joints. It helps me to try and chose healthier choices.

Shazam: I can go a little crazy with this one. All you do is click the tag button on this app and it listens to whatever music you're listening to and then tells you the name of the song, artist and album title. This is very beneficial to me since I can never remember the names of singers or the song titles. It even links up to itunes if you want to download the song.

P.S. My favorite iPhone case is the Incipio Feather. I've had problems in the past with bulky covers and these are super thin and sheek. I have it in the purple color (not shown below).

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Super Cute Aprons!

My MIL, Susan, and SIL, Sally, have done it again! Their creative minds came up with yet another really cute idea. The latest and greatest creation are these gorgeous aprons. The two featured below are for a mother and daughter. I want to scream they're so adorable.

I LOVE how the colors and patterns completely compliment each other. Some of my favorite features are the pocket (always handy), the stitched writing, and the ribbon around the top.
I must have this!!
They even made these delightful coasters to match.
This is the daughter's version.
Can you even handle this??
For those interested in finding out more about these or other Trail Creek Farm designs click here. Just shoot her an email and she will let you know anything you want. Susan is extremely easy to work with and would love to come up with something special for you. :)

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Monday, January 18, 2010

I miss Katie!

Sadly my roomie, Katie, has made the move to Dallas to join husband and start a new job.

I'm sure both Katie & Jon are thrilled to be living in the same town again. I, on the other hand, am missing my good friend. Katie took a job with Dr. Pepper / Snapple company. After 5 hard months of being away from her hubby, she if finally reunited. :)
Katie & I met 2 and a half years ago when I started at ConocoPhillips. We became fast friends and our friendship has continued to deepen these past few years.

I don't have a ton of friends in Houston yet so it's really hard for me to let a REALLY good one leave. Shoot, after 5 months of living together, we're like family! I miss Katie's daily ability to make me laugh and her always entertaining stories. I miss her fun personality and her great ability to plan everything. She is my sista!

Katie wrote me a sweet note before she left and I completely agree with everything she said. I'm going to quote her because I couldn't say it any better. "I will definitely miss our crazy adventures, movies, dinners, pizza, Grey's marathon watching, work outs, Wednesday night hangouts, you dragging me to the scary movie, 4 hour line to get books signed, and more."
I owe Katie so much for befriending me in Bartlesville and showing me the way. I was a scared little pup when I first started at COP and Katie let me follow her around. She introduced me to everybody and even got me involved with her church. These past five months have truly been a blessing sharing life with this girl. I know Yogi, a.k.a Katie's boyfriend, is really missing her too.
Even though Katie might live 4 hours away and works for a different company, I know she will always be a life long friend. Katie, you know I will be there in a heartbeat when you have triplets!! (joke for katie.)
Miss you so much friend and I can't wait to come visit you. Better have that guest room ready to go!!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Friends, Olds Friends and Family

Saturday was our last full day in Kansas City and it was probably our busiest day. We packed in a full days worth of friends and family. Our morning started by driving down to Crown Center (close to downtown) to eat breakfast at the Westin with Ryan's family. We were able to see a lot of his extended family and see them off before they left. The breakfast was still part of the baseball player's shindig so I couldn't take any pictures. :( Oh well, it was still a lot of fun seeing everybody.

Afterward, we hustled to make it over to a new friend's house. Hopefully Kaci forgives us for being an hour late! I was so excited because this was the first time I got to meet a blogger friend in person. We've been chatting for over a year now. Since she lived in Kansas City and shared the same love for Canasta, we made plans to meet and play the game. Kaci had us over at her mom's place because her mom is an avid Canasta player and has been playing with a group for over 15 years! Needless to say, Ryan asked to be on her team. Ha! They play the game a little differently then we do, so it was fun learning some new rules. I loved being able to meet Kaci in person and meet her little boy, Carson, that I have been praying for this last year. Kaci and her mom were wonderful hosts and such a pleasure to meet. We made plans to meet up again when they go to Dallas in March. (I'm not going to mention who won at the Canasta game. There's no need.)
This experience was such a blast and I can't wait to do it again. Kaci, you're the best!
Once we got our Canasta fill, Ryan & I left our new friends to visit some more family. Ryan's Grandma was in town and staying with his Aunt & Uncle. He got the chance to catch up with his cousin, Adrianne, before she left to run errands. We missed seeing his cousin, Evan, before he left to go back to New York. Evan just got engaged to his long time girlfriend, Joannie.
Ryan & his adoring Grandma Georgia May
Doug even stopped by to see Ryan. He is a close family friend but basically he's family. We were able to run back to my mom's house before heading over to see some more family friends. Wayne & Cynthia have been long time family friends with Ryan's parents and their sons grew up together. Even though Jeff is a few years older then Ryan, they were still close through the year. Ryan always looked up to him and still does. Jeff & Kelli had a baby just a few days before our wedding. So we had to go visit them and see little Henry before we left. Everybody was there including their cousin, Laura.
Back: Wayne, Cynthia, Jeff, Henry, Kelli, Laura
Front: Susan, Ryan & Emily The last stop of the night was dinner with friends at Cactus Grill. We met up with our good friend, Megan, who I haven't seen in forever! Brad & Lindsey were able to come as well. It was so good catching up with Megs. I miss that girl!!
Our first attempt at taking a picture in the restaurant wasn't so good.
So we tried again outside.
Brad, Lindsey, Megan, Me & Ryan
The snow was gorgeous! Not so gorgeous the next day though, when we were driving back to Houston through it with Brad & Lindsey. It was long trek home made easier with two good friends helping share the burden.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

More Family Please!

After sleeping in, it was already time for lunch and my mom wanted to treat us to Houlihan's. It's a nice restaurant in KC that everybody loves to go to. We actually ended up running into our friend Brad there, just after seeing him the night before. Once we were filled up, we headed to the mall for a little more shopping. It had been forever since I'd been back to Oak Park Mall. It was so good to be back. :)
Ryan, my mom & I at Houlihan's
Then we made our way to my Aunt Cindy's house where my grandma lives as well. I was so excited to see all my cousins that had come over to visit too.
Aunt Darla, Uncle John and baby Temperance
I think all my cousins are trying to kill me off with so many cute babies being born!
All the little ones where at the house when I got there. They entertained me to no end! Here's Kaylee showing Addy her baby whale. Kaylee did not lose sight of that whale all day, too funny.
My mom getting in some practice with a newborn for when her time comes to be a grandma. (Not for a long time! Ha!) Don't ask me what my cousin Matt was doing. He told me I had to pay him to get a picture.
My cousin Chelsea with her precious baby girl Addy. She had gotten so big since I last saw her!
Addy, Aunt Cindy, Kaylee & Grandma
Sommer just had baby Temperance back in November.
Izzy, Bryan, Tempe & Sommer
Sweet Izzy feeding Grandma some popcorn. She would eat a piece and then gave Grandma a piece.
Kaylee, Kathy, & cousin Matt (I want them to have another baby so bad!)
The girls decided to have a dance party in the middle of the room for some entertainment.
It started to crack up Addy. She thought it was hysterical! Too cute.
Tempe just chilled in her daddy's arms while all the commotion went on around her.
Addy eventually tried to get in on the action too.
Too cute for words! They are going to grow best friends.
Snagging a picture with Grandma
We had to rush out of there to meet up with Emily to see the 3-D movie Avatar. Everything was sold out except the dinner and the movie one. It worked out because none of us had eaten and it was a new experience for everyone. That movie was AMAZING! Ryan swears he will still be talking about it when our kids are grown. The story was good but the graphics were incredible. Please see it in 3-D.
Emily, Ryan, Me and My Mom in our 3-D glasses
Only one more day left in KC after this and it was a busy one!

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Years!

Thursday was our second day in Kansas City, and we were exhausted from our previous day. So we slept in late and woke up in time for the Imo's Pizza buffet. This is Ryan's, hands down, favorite pizza. I'm a little partial myself because I worked there briefly in high school but in a different location. The unique pizza originated in St. Louis, MO and we LOVE their house salad dressing. We ended up buying two bottles of it to bring home.
Ryan doesn't mess around when he eats at Imo's.
The rest of the day was filled with running errands and a little bit of shopping. When we got back to my mom's house I finally saw my mom for the first time since I've been home. Then we got ready for our night out and of course snapped a picture before we left.
We met up with a group of friends at Figlio's Italian Restaurant down on the plaza. Randomly, Ryan's little sister, Sally, happened to be there with her group of friends.
Christen, Michelle, and I were all sorority sisters in college. I also went to high school with Christen but she was a year older. Michelle was one of my bridesmaids too. Here's a pic of us with our hubby's.
Back: Christen, Michelle, Me Front: Gabe, David, & Ryan
Michelle & David were high school sweet hearts, dated all through college and got married. David is getting his masters in Architecture and Michelle will be starting nursing school in August. She is going to make one heck of a RN! This is them back at Gabe and Christen's house.
The boys all played the Wii while the girls chatted and got caught up in the kitchen. Christen will also be joining Michelle in the nursing program in August. I wish I could be joining them too!
Christen & Gabe had to attend another party so the rest of us went over to Michelle & David's house. David's twin sister and her fiance were there, and we all played a fun game of Catch Phrase. I really goes with out saying but I'll say it anyway. The girls creamed the boys!!
Eventually, we had to go because Brad & Lindsey wanted us to come over. They were having a little get together at Lindsey's parents home. I think we made it over there by 11:30, right in time to ring in the new year.
Lindsey & Brad
Always need a Christmas tree photo.
Everyone counting down to the new year!
Lindsey's little sister, Kelsey, and her long time boyfriend, Austin. Such a cute couple, even though they go to KU. boo.
Shortly after the new year, we had to break out the Canasta cards. It wouldn't be a celebration without a game or two!
Lindsey in her K-State snuggie. I really need to get one of those!
We ended up playing until about 2:30 in the morning. We are so hardcore. I can't remember the last time I stayed up that late. Needless to say, we slept in again the next day.
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