Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

First things first, (blogger wouldn't let me put the pictures down at the end) my beautiful friend Carly had her baby on December 1st! You will remember I talked about her being pregnant here.
Proud mama looking on at her baby boy.

Jude Hillman Pumphrey, 9 lbs 2 oz 19 1/2 in
Such a perfect baby!
Ok, on to our Thanksgiving Day! The morning was spent sleeping in and still recovering from the long drive to Kansas. Ryan's mom, Susan, slaved away in the kitchen for days preparing a wonderful meal. She wouldn't let any of us go near the kitchen to help! So she prepared all the food. That woman is God sent. Our meal was served around 1:00 partly due to the fact that the girls were still primping. :)
Me, Grandma Ebright (guest of honor), and Ryan
I had to throw this picture in here. Grandma sure loves her rolls! She says they are the best homemade rolls she's ever tasted. I tried making them one year and failed miserably.
All the woman surrounding a very special lady.
Me, Susan, Sally, Emily and Grandma Ebright
The boys had to get their turn with her too.
Harlan, Grandma Ebright and Ryan
Sadly, my mom couldn't make it because she had to work the day after Thanksgiving. Ryan's home town is about 3 and 1/2 hours away from Kansas City so it didn't make sense for her to drive all that way for half a day. But my mom was there in spirit, and I will get to see her a lot in December.
Sally & I showing off the curtains we made back on the Forth of July.
The rest of the day was spent recovering from stuffing our faces. However, we did decide to venture out to see the movie Blind Side. We drove all over Kansas to find a theatre that wasn't already sold out! It was well worth the drive and time it took to see it. I HIGHLY recommend everyone to run out and see this.

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  1. sorry your mom couldn't make it over for thanksgiving, such a bummer. All the pictures are so cute, you look great in every one and your friends baby is so sweet, what a cutie!

  2. THe baby boy is soooo cute. I just love newborns. Cody was 9lb 3oz so I know all about having those big babies.

    Those rolls really do look good. You need to sneak the recipe for all of us. :-)

    I was wanting to take the boys Thanksgiving weekend to see Blind Side but with Carson being in the hospital, I just didn't want to chance it. If we don't make it to the theaters than I guess we can always make it a Red Box night. Hee hee

    Cute curtains. Did you make those? I need some for my living room so I will hire you. My mom bought me a sewing machine last year for x-mas and it is still in the box.

    Glad to see the pics. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  3. Isn't Carly's baby precious!? He totally has her nose! I was going to make a post about it too - so cute!

  4. Oh that little baby boy is just precious!!! I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving...your snow falling on your blog is just so cute too!!! How did you do that?

  5. He is too cute...what a handsome little guy! :)

  6. What a precious baby boy! I just love those sweet newborn faces.

    It sounds like you had so much fun with family. I just love Thanksgiving!

    That stinks about The Blind Side being sold out. I still haven't seen it either but from what everyone is saying, it's definitely a must-see!!


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