Friday, November 20, 2009

Show Us Your Pets Friday

When I saw that Kelly's Korner was having Show Us Your Pets Friday, I got so excited. Most of you know how much Ryan & I love our cats, and know that I will jump at the chance to talk about them on here. :)

We got our first baby shortly after we were married. We graduated college, got married, went on a honeymoon, moved to Texas and bought our first pet all within a month and a half. Ryan & I lived in Texas a whole two weeks before we decided we needed a pet. We found KC at one of the local PetSmart or Petco (can't remember). Ryan picked him out, and they've had a bond ever since.
KC is definitely a daddy's boy.I still remember when he was small enough to fit into our Thank You card box. It's so funny what cats will try and fit in!
Before this Ryan had never had an indoor pet. He wasn't too crazy about the idea but as soon as we got KC he never looked back! Ryan decided he would build him a cat tree that was better then what we could buy. It ended up being humongous!! Just for reference Ryan is 6'4. The thing was taller then me. Thankfully we did not take it from our apartment to our first house.
This was KC's first Halloween as a devil. He made such a cute one!
And then came our second baby about 4 or 5 months later. Ryan & I were working a lot and felt like KC was lonely so we got him a buddy. At the time we never considered dogs because we lived in an apartment. We got Yogi from our local vet that had rescued him. I was the one that picked this hunk of love out.
Ornery little Yogs & KC
How can you resist this face?? KC giving Yogi some brotherly love.
There bond has continued to grow over the last three years.
I have never regretted having two cats because they love each other so much. They bring us so much joy that I can over look all the cat hair I am constantly vacuuming. ;) These two have so much personality. I'm sure everyone feels that about their own pets.

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