Sunday, November 22, 2009

Out of Town Friends

On Tuesday Ryan & I had the good fortune of two friends coming in town from Bartlesville for work. Both were coming for separate reasons but on the same day! Hot diggity dog. :)

Some of you will remember Janet. We stayed with her and her husband, Nate, when we sold our house and needed a place to stay before we moved. Janet is my girl. We all went out to the Spicy Pickle for lunch. It's a sandwich, soup and salad place (the pickles really are spicy).

Katie, Janet, Me & Ryan (notice the product placement)
I miss Janet so much! Nate & her need to hurry up and get transferred down here.

Then that night our friend Jordan came into town and we had dinner at a new restaurant that just opened called Genghis Grill. It reminded me a lot of one of our favorite places to eat in Kansas City, Mongolian BBQ.
Me, Ryan, Katie & Jordan
Jordan went to college with Ryan & I and the boys were even in men's glee club together. That cracks me to think about that because we are so into the TV show Glee. I just picture Jordan & Ryan doing the same things (which they kind of did). Not sure what Katie's doing in this picture but Jordan always brings our silly side out.
Normal picture. Jordan, Katie and I all worked in the same group in Bartlesville. That's where I met Katie and we all became good friends.
Ryan and I can never seem to get a normal picture.
I rest my case.
It was so good seeing our friends. I can not go that long again! It's so hard trying to see everybody on a regular basis. I wish it were easier.

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  1. Soooooooo, I see that you know Kelley and Wade. We both live in Texas, albeit different cities. I think we should become friends so that we can connive and convince them to VISIT!

  2. Love the pics! Your friends all look so sweet :)

    You and Ryan crack me up in the last two!

  3. What a great time with friends!! I love your pictures, you always seem to have the best time! I so want to be in those pictures soon, let's get together for dinner with our hubs after Thanksgiving, what do you think?

  4. We pass by The Spicy Pickle after church every Sunday and I have always wanted to try it. I just might have to convince my hubby to stop next week now that I know someone has eaten there!

  5. I LOVE the spicy pickle! We have one half a mile from our house and so we eat there once a week!
    That's so fun that your husband was on the glee team! I downloaded the Glee soundtrack from I-Tunes and like to pretend that I am on that show :)

  6. I love your green top! Where did you get it?

  7. The Mongolian BBQ is my oldest favorite and we usually go there every Jan for his birthday. SO plan to come out Jan 18th and you can go with us. :-)

    Looks like a lot of fun....again. I'm moving to your town just so I can try and keep up.


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