Friday, November 6, 2009

Funny Run Pictures

The Monster Mash website just posted our race pictures from this past weekend, and I couldn't resist posting a few of them. They are too funny!

Harlan creamed us all. Here he is coming in for the kill in the back there. But it looks like being first may have been a little painful. ;0) Here's Lindsey in the "spooky", haunted tunnel. She was the first to finish for the girls.
Waiving to her fans.
She made it look effortless. I think she could be a model for an athletic magazine.
Ryan trying to catch up with Harlan & Lindsey. (An Ebright will always have their eye's closed in a picture.)
He was talking himself up before the race. Ryan actually did pretty good for pretty much no training.
But he may have felt it in the end. :)
Brad was doing fabulous. I was trying to catch up to him.
I was really impressed with him since I wasn't sure of when the last time he ran.
I thought I was going to die at this point. Can you tell?
Those dang reindeer antlers kept falling off because of my ridiculous speed. ;)
Brittney practicing the deer trot.
Go Brittney Go!
Emily was a freaking pro! I would expect nothing less after training with Richard Simmons.
Love the jacket Em!
Mark means business. You better stay out of his path!
Mark was such a great sport. He ran the 5K even though he has been sick and his cough was still lingering. All I can say is pure dedication.

Now on to some of my favorite "people watching" costumes. These two little girls in bee costumes were fast! They ended up beating almost half of our group! You can tell in their eyes they wanted to win.
This may have been my favorite. Can you imagine running in this?? How can he see or breathe??
I think Mickey Mouse was in a little bit of pain here. But give Mickey some props for finishing towards to front of the group!
All I can say is I would be HOT in this!
Not sure what this is but I do see a turkey. Thanksgiving is around the corner!
Hope you enjoyed the fun pictures. It was a blast to do with my family & friends. Have a great weekend!

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  1. these pictures are really funny!!

    great that ya'll ran the race though!! i'm starting to run again hard for me ;)

  2. Good for y'all running this race! These pictures are so fun, I can't believe someone ran in the green suit thing, I would have passed out!


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