Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Big Surprise

I'm sure you are all on pins and needles waiting to see what Ryan's surprise was... Well watch the video below.

Ryan's mom, Susan, and I had been planning for several weeks to surprise him on his birthday. Ryan has been really home sick and so we knew he would love to see his family. So his dad, mom and older sister all drove down from Kansas and got to our house before Ryan & I got off work on Thursday. We had all the details planned out with the family setting up birthday decorations and being ready to surprise him in the laundry room with silly string. I am so happy that the surprise went off without a hitch. I think this is the first time I really got him and he had no idea!! The sweet greetings. Sally, his little sister, couldn't make it but she was on the phone when it all happened. We had silly string everywhere! :) I think we will be finding it in odd places for awhile. I had them pick up the balloons I had pre-ordered and Emily made Ryan this awesome banner that the family all signed.

Susan, Ryan, Harlan, and Emily
Susan, Ryan, Me, and Harlan
The birthday spread. The Ebright's are so creative with their gift wrapping, cards and gifts.
Susan made his birthday card (even the graphics) and inside were family pictures and birthday money.
Birthday clothes from the parents.
Of course we had to help Ryan build up his PS3 video game collection. I got him Command & Conquer. Emily got him the X-Men game and Katie got him the new Beatles Rock Band game.
This was one of my favorite gifts! Susan made a pillow with one of Ryan's old K-State sweat shirts that he didn't wear anymore. I had never seen that before and we love it!
My big birthday gift was a TV for our bedroom. We have been borrowing a little tube TV from his parents and it was time to have a second go to television in the house. It's especially nice when Ryan's wanting to watch football all the time and now one of us has another TV to go to. Susan is the best mother-in-law ever! She brought an entire meal (one of Ryan's favorites) and birthday cake for that evening. Can you believe that?? There are no words to express how happy Ryan was to see his family and then have a home cooked meal on top of all that.
(Please disregard what I am doing in this pic.)
Susan made this triple layer, chocolate cake from scratch. Can you say mouth watering?!
I love this picture with Emily and Ryan.
Ryan blowing out his candles very methodically. :) I just love this guy.

I think Ryan had a very special birthday that he will not soon forget. He just couldn't stop thanking everyone for coming and planning all this out for him. We had a lot of fun this past weekend, and I will post on all the excitement tomorrow.
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  1. Y'all did great!! What a fun night and what a great surprise!! Please tell me where you got those tall candles, I can't find them anywhere!


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