Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finally Starting to Feel Like Fall

This has been the first "cooler" weekend this fall! I don't count last weekend because it was so rainy and nasty. I talked to my mom this morning, who lives in Kansas City, and she said she could see her breath it is so cold there! I can't even imagine. It was still stinkin' 91 degrees on Thursday. Thankfully, fall weather is coming slowly but surely. We actually have our windows open to let in the fresh air. I LOVE it!

Today I finally ventured out to pick out some pumpkins and puchase mums to plant. I just hadn't been feeling the fall season yet but this weekend finally inspired me. Ryan helped me rearrange some plants and we planted the mums up front. We chose the ones that haven't quite bloomed yet. I'll have to take another picture when they have.
My festive kitties watching us work. They are Halloween colors and all. KC was talking to us here.
My new purchase this year. I think it fits perfectly in that tight corner.
I'm in the process of making a wreath to go here, but this will work for now. Katie will be helping me on that!
Not quite sure what to do with the pumpkins... We will be carving them in about a week or so.
Dining room decor with a peeping tom. :)
Entryway table.
The living room mantle, still haven't figured out what to put above it. I really like the leaf garland I purchased this year.
This was my favorite purchase from last year. I have a few other decorations scattered around but not worth a picture.
That's about it! Now I am going to go enjoy this gorgeous weather.

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  1. I am loving this weather too and your fall decorations. Cute! I actually went fall shopping today. I bought a couple cute decorations at Hobby Lobby. I love that store!

    P.S. Love your Halloween picture in the top left corner!

  2. Cute decorations! And I am digging this cooler weather!! Perri and I were in Arkansas all week and came home this morning and were pleasantly surprised!! I hope the 90s dont come back!!! also you got a blog award, check my newest post!!

  3. I love your decorations!! So cute, my fav are the pumpkins on the fireplace, love them!! Can't wait to see your mums when they bloom, it will be gorgeous!

  4. Decorations are so cute! i love the mantle!

  5. I know...I was so happy to feel a chill in the air yesterday....Love your decorations! :)

  6. Yeah, I love fall decor. My house is crazy decorated in it as well....i put some pots of mums on my front porch, but they died......water, sun, ???Why?? Know anything? Maybe the pot was too small? Anyways, we'd love to get together. When is good for you?

  7. Love your decorations Lindsey! Your house is always so cute! I wish I could see it in person. Maybe we can plan a trip down there with JR O sometime for you to meet him :-) We miss you guys!

  8. I sure wish Fall would find us! Your decor is just lovely!

  9. Your decor is awesome!!

    You can see my fall decor post at:

  10. Everything looks wonderful, I especially like your entryway table!


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