Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Bike

Here are the promised pictures of Ryan's new bike. It's a hybrid made by Marin. It is the perfect bike for him and he loves it. We haven't been able to ride as much as we would like because of the recent rain and me getting sick.

Ryan's showing off the bike and the new helmet that I made him buy. :)
I love the look of this bike. It just looks like a "Ryan" bike.
I am so happy that he finally has one because he is constantly talking about all the places we can bike to now. He about killed me this past Friday night when we went on a 20 mile ride. It wouldn't have been that bad if we hadn't detoured into this sandy, muddy trail that took twice as much effort to bike.
We are going to have to map out our routes from now on before hand, on actual bike paths. :)

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  1. 20 miles? Wow. Jeremy dragged me on a 25 mile bike ride a few weekends ago and it almost killed me too.

  2. Holy cow, a 2o mile bike ride seems so long!! Good for you!! I have been wanting a bike, but don't know when I would ride it! Hope you are feeling better!

  3. We'd love to get together sometime!!! Your blog is sooo cute by the way! And 20 miles in mud??? Does not sound like fun! Wasn't he worried about getting his new present dirty? :)


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