Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is Ryan's 27th birthday!!
(Picture from his 23rd birthday's in college. We were about ready to go to a KSU game. Can you tell?)

I LOVE this picture of Ryan holding the cupcakes from Magnolia's bakery in New York City. This was from his 25th birthday when I surprised him with a trip to New York.
I am so excited to celebrate another birthday with my man. It's fun for me to come up with something special to surprise him with. Every year with Ryan just gets better and better, and I look forward to what the future holds for us. Today I am celebrating the love of my life and all week I've tried to find ways to honor him. (Like last night I cleaned the whole house!!)
Stay tuned for all the fun that is in store for his birthday and this weekend. Ryan has many surprises to look forward to. :o)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Officially Ready for Halloween

Ryan & I waited until the last day that we had free to carve our pumpkins. Here in the South pumpkins go bad fast! In fact, when we went to carve our two pumpkins one of them was already bad. :( At least there was still a good one left. I'm crossing my fingers it makes it until Halloween for all those cute trick-or-treaters.

I let Ryan do the manly part of it. I always have a hard time cutting the top off and scoping out the insides. It really takes some elbow grease! This was me trying to help with the ooey gooey part. Ryan let me do the actual design carving. I think he was pretty tired at that point. It was hard work. I don't remember it being so labor intensive before. It was worth the end result though.
Our friendly ghost. We'll call him Edward.

I thought it would be fun to include some pictures I came across recently from when we were engaged in college. This was the first time that we carved pumpkins together. (I think mine was better.) :oP
My master piece
Ryan's sweet pumpkin

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whole Wheat Pizza

Whole Wheat Pizza

It is no secret that my husband is a huge fan of pizza. You could even say he is some what of a pizza connoisseur. With a husband that likes pizza that much we have it at least once a week. I've sort of gotten sick of the "fast food" pizza joints so we started to make our own pizza at home. We started off with the boxed pizza mixes and moved to pita pizzas (really good).

In an effort to eat healthier I searched for a pizza recipe that was just that. If you don't read NieNie Dialogues you should! She is an amazing woman who is madly in love with her husband and has four children that she loves to do creative things with. NieNie and her husband were involved in a private plane crash last summer, both burned but NieNie got the worst of it. Despite the grim out come of the crash, she has one of the most amazing outlooks on life and every post is so positive. Our beliefs are very different but she is such an inspiration to all.

All that to say, she is also one amazing "healthy" cook and I found a recipe for whole wheat pizza on her site. I'm always a little hesitant when it comes to cooking with whole wheat because I'm not sure if it will taste very good but this pizza just looked so good! I had to try it. Believe me when I say that Ryan & I LOVED it! Please print this recipe off and try it. Ryan is already asking me to make this once a week. :) It's great because I don't feel as guilty about eating pizza now because I know what's in it and I can control the toppings.


2-¾ whole-wheat flour
2 tablespoons olive oil
1-teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon sugar
1 packet of yeast

Dissolve packet of yeast into 1-cup warm water with ¼ teaspoon sugar, let sit for 7 minutes (or until risen)

Mix flour, olive oil, salt and yeast mixture with dough hook. For about 5 minutes. Place in oiled bowl. Cover with plastic wrap in warm spot for about 1 hour (or desired risen state)
Roll out and add toppings.

Cook for 17-18 minutes on 475 (you may need to take it out before then depending on your pan)
This can make 2 rectangle (cookie sheet) pizzas.

This time we used pizza sauce from the store, mozzarella cheese, black olives, green peppers and pepperoni for the toppings.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Must Try!

If you haven't already... you must try these melt in your mouth delights! I was introduced to brownies with chocolate chip cookies by my good friend, Malinda, back when I still lived in Bartlesville, OK. She had made them for a get together and I'm pretty sure I ate half of them. I couldn't believe I've never tried them before and this has now become a staple in my baking.

The easiest way to make them is just by buying a box at the store or you can just get a brownie mix and make home made chocolate chip cookies to add. Whatever you want to do. I use two boxes of this mix to fill up a 9x13 pan.
You whip of the brownie mix first and pour into your pan. Then mix the cookie dough and drop it on top of the brownie mix. Then bake!
VoilĂ ! See, I couldn't even wait to eat a piece before I took a picture. Mmmmm...
Today, I am making some home made pizza and if it turns out well I'll post it here. It's just a lazy day of watching the Big 12 football games.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Was that the Wildcats??

I am just now getting around to posting about our weekend. My time gets all thrown off when my hubby's not around. I'm just trying to keep myself busy while I wait from him to get back. Anyway, this past weekend was incredible! The weather was to die for and it was just nice & relaxing.
Saturday night, we enjoyed spending time with some good friends of ours while we watched the Wildcats beat the Aggie's. Sorry Aggie fans! Honestly, I'm not really sure how that happened. We have not looked so hot this year, but we will take what we can get! My good friend's little cutie patootie, sister was in town visiting so I had to catch up with her (even if she is a KU fan).
Lindsey, Me & Kelsey
Of course Ryan had to take a picture when the ladies were not ready!
But I got him back. :)
Brad, Ryan & Mark (Aggie Fan)
Hanging out on the new couch. Not a whole lot to report on. Just wanted to make sure everyone is enjoying the weather while they can! Apparently hurricane, Rick's aftermath will be visiting Houston soon so I am preparing for the down pour. Have a good night! Pray that I can sleep. :)

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My man is off again on another business trip but this time to Atlanta for four days! Eeeek! Thankfully, this much travel is not the norm for Ryan. But this means another week of sleepless nights for me. :( I feel like we are practically joined at the hip so it's so weird for me when he's gone. But I do appreciate how hard he works for us and it makes me want to be a better wife. I guess that means I need to start cooking more dinners... in time. :) However, he can't be working too hard if THIS is where he is staying. You really can't feel too bad for him.

I'm just throwing in some pictures of Ryan working hard. Two weekends ago he dedicated his Friday and Saturday (along with others from ConocoPhillips) to working on a lady's house that really needed the help.
That's my man! So proud of him. I think I really lucked out on a husband.

I am so grateful that Katie is still staying with us and will keep me sane. I guess this means more girl's nights which includes Grey's Anatomy, sugar and girl talk! We are about to start watching season 3 tonight. I think I will paint my toes too. ;)

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Finally Starting to Feel Like Fall

This has been the first "cooler" weekend this fall! I don't count last weekend because it was so rainy and nasty. I talked to my mom this morning, who lives in Kansas City, and she said she could see her breath it is so cold there! I can't even imagine. It was still stinkin' 91 degrees on Thursday. Thankfully, fall weather is coming slowly but surely. We actually have our windows open to let in the fresh air. I LOVE it!

Today I finally ventured out to pick out some pumpkins and puchase mums to plant. I just hadn't been feeling the fall season yet but this weekend finally inspired me. Ryan helped me rearrange some plants and we planted the mums up front. We chose the ones that haven't quite bloomed yet. I'll have to take another picture when they have.
My festive kitties watching us work. They are Halloween colors and all. KC was talking to us here.
My new purchase this year. I think it fits perfectly in that tight corner.
I'm in the process of making a wreath to go here, but this will work for now. Katie will be helping me on that!
Not quite sure what to do with the pumpkins... We will be carving them in about a week or so.
Dining room decor with a peeping tom. :)
Entryway table.
The living room mantle, still haven't figured out what to put above it. I really like the leaf garland I purchased this year.
This was my favorite purchase from last year. I have a few other decorations scattered around but not worth a picture.
That's about it! Now I am going to go enjoy this gorgeous weather.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He's Home!

Ryan's back!
Thank goodness because I didn't think I could handle anymore sleepless nights. Whenever he is out of town I know that I will be draging from lack of sleep. Even though our roomie, Katie, was here it felt like I woke up every 30 minutes or so. Anybody else that way? Maybe it's just me. :) Regardless, my man is back from a work trip to Saint Louis, MO. Woooo Hooo!
I think the cats missed him just about as much as I did.
But not quite. ;)

I picked him up at the airport after work and then we went on a short bike ride. We picked up some cupcakes from Oooh LaLa's near our house to celebrate his return. Katie & I devoured ours in nothing flat.
Not much to report on. Sorry I have been a lame blogger lately. Katie has me hooked on watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning (which that is a lot of seasons to go through) and Ryan has me hooked on watching the last season of The Office. All that to say, it hasn't left much time for blogging. I promise to be back in full force soon. Miss you all!

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Almost" Famous

After I shared with you that some of the Ebright's were on Richard Simmon's new workout video, I thought I should share the other "almost" famous moment that I've experienced.

Three months after Ryan & I started dating, he asked me to go to Los Angeles with him over spring break to meet his older sister. I had never been to LA at that point and really wanted to meet his sister. So we brought along our best friends to share in the LA excitement. Emily (Ryan's older sister) was so sweet and had so many fun things planed for us. One of which was to see The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. The extra special part about it was that Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson (still married at the time) were guests on the show. I LOVED their Newly Weds show (I own all three seasons). Plus, LifeHouse was performing which is one of my favorite bands! PERFECT!

Needless to say, I was pumped out going to see this show. We got up super early to wait in line for tickets. I'm talking 3 a.m. We were towards the front of the line and indeed got the tickets. But then, you had to wait in another line and you weren't guaranteed to get in with your ticket! At one point the producers came out and scoured the line randomly calling people out to ask them questions. They even asked me some questions but apparently I wasn't energetic enough for them. However, Ryan & his best friend, Miles, were called out for questions, and they chose them to be a part of the show!!! Ahhhhh!!! So at that point they took us in to the green room to discuss what Ryan & Miles would be doing. They wouldn't give that much detail but just said Jay would be asking them some questions. I stuffed my face with the food and drinks, keeping my eyes pealed for Jessica Simpson. Eventually, they took us to our seats at the front of the studio and positioned us for when Jay would come talk to them.

Once the show started, we were all becoming increasingly anxious for their debut coming up. Eventually Jay comes over and asked them where their from and what they do. Then he had them go on stage to play a game. Ryan & Miles both had a basket of Easter eggs and they had to smash them on their heads to find the chocolate one. It was hysterical! They were smashing the eggs so fast that they didn't even realize when they actually got to the chocolate egg! Afterwards they gave them clean, black shirts to change into (Banana Republic ones I might add) and then also gave them The Tonight Show shirts with Jay's autograph and after the show we got to take a picture with him! He was so nice. I just love that guy. :) My FAVORITE part, besides watching my boyfriend smash eggs on his head, was being so close to Nick & Jessica! I didn't actually get to meet her. :( But Ryan gave one of the producers my ticket to have Jessica sign, and she did!!! It was the best day ever!

The proof. :)
Ryan, Miles, Jay, Kara, Me (crazy hair) and Emily
Afterwards, showing off their egg stained shirts in front of The Tonight Show sign.
It was a once in a lifetime experience and I am so thankful that Emily had planned such a special day. I still hold the belief that the Ebright's are extremely lucky people!! Stuff like this would NEVER happen to me. We do have the video from the show but I couldn't figure out how to put a clip of it on here.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Bike

Here are the promised pictures of Ryan's new bike. It's a hybrid made by Marin. It is the perfect bike for him and he loves it. We haven't been able to ride as much as we would like because of the recent rain and me getting sick.

Ryan's showing off the bike and the new helmet that I made him buy. :)
I love the look of this bike. It just looks like a "Ryan" bike.
I am so happy that he finally has one because he is constantly talking about all the places we can bike to now. He about killed me this past Friday night when we went on a 20 mile ride. It wouldn't have been that bad if we hadn't detoured into this sandy, muddy trail that took twice as much effort to bike.
We are going to have to map out our routes from now on before hand, on actual bike paths. :)

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bowling Tourny

This past Friday, the marketing group for ConocoPhillips had a bowling tournament to raise money for the United Way. The best part was that it was during work hours and we got to dress up! There were over a dozen teams that all had a different theme. My group was called Lubricant Ladies because we were all girls from the (what else) the Lubricants group. We had a lot of fun primping and playing dress up as you can tell below.
Here we were about ready to leave and if you look closely you can see my coworker, Darnell, sneaking into the picture. Ha!
Me, (Darnell), Rachel & Kelly
Here was our whole team at the bowling alley. I thought we were the best looking, but I am a little biased.
Sunny, Rachel, Bea, Kelly & myself
This was another Lubricants team that totally represented at the tourny. Recently, Lubricants merged with Marketing so it was a great chance to mingle with other people in Marketing. My husband is in the marketing group as well so I was pretty excited. :)
They crack me up.
My good friend, Shannon, was looking fabulous. I loved her outfit! Can you see her pocket protector?
This was Shannon's team called Luber Goober's. They ended up wining for best costume. I think they deserved it.
This was Ryan's team. Can you guess what they were supposed to be?? I don't think you can...
Do you believe they were supposed to be Smurfs??? I don't see it. ;)

A quick pic with the hubs. It's always a treat to see him at work functions.
Probably the most exciting thing that happened was that I won the raffle! This never happens to me. The prize was two football tickets to the Texans vs the 49ers game plus a free parking pass. The seats are amazing. Ryan made a little scene when they called my name. :)

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