Monday, September 14, 2009

A First Time For Everything

On Sunday Ryan took me to my first NFL game! Can you believe I have never been to one?? This game was extra special because Ryan's boss gave us free tickets in the ConocoPhillips box and VIP parking!! I don't think any other game will live up to this one even though the Texans lost to the Jets. It didn't matter! I was in heaven. :)
Walking up to our seats at Reliant Stadium.
I love when the team gets announced! So much energy.
Our box seats were right on the 50 yard line and air conditioned even though part of it was outside! We had all the free food we wanted with our own personal server. This is the way watching football should always be! Yes, I had to have some Cracker Jacks even with all the good food.
Inside the box.
We even had our own bathroom! Amazing.
Some of the Texan cheerleaders stopped by to say hi. It made me want to tryout to be a cheerleader again! Ha!
One of my favorite parts was when the ice cream cart stopped by to give us free ice cream in these cute little helmets.
We each had our own blow up finger to use for the Texan's first downs but we didn't get to use them that often. Oh well.
It was the white out game so Ryan got us some white shirts to wear the day before. This experience was a blast, and I want do it again. This is something I will not soon forget. Thanks to Ryan's boss!!
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  1. Looks like fun! I love reliant stadium! Havent been since last year.

  2. Looks so much fun!! Ryan's boss needs to give out more tickets to the box more often haha!! How fun!!

  3. How fun!!! I love NFL games, they are the best! Must have been nice to have free food. I think we end up spending like $50 for snacks. =)

  4. Looks like ya'll had a blast! I love Reliant Stadium...I have never been for a football game but I have been many of times for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!!!!

  5. That is awesome. If I went to see a pro game that's the way I would want to roll! :)

  6. the box looks amazing! I think I have only been to two NFL games, never in a box though! Definitely something I need to do!

  7. That looks so fun! Box seats are the best!

  8. cute blog :) looks like you guys had a blast at the game!

  9. Looks like you had a lot of fun! I had box seats on Thanksgiving at Arrowhead two years ago. It was a blast. Aerosmith performed at halftime, so I'm with you, nothing is better than watching football in the box seats!

    I also wanted to let you know that my mom is in a Canasta group and they play every other Tuesday. They had one of the ladies out of town so I got to play! It really was a lot of fun. I did so well that they asked if I would fill in again if they needed a sub. Most of the woman in this group have played together since 1973 (yes you read that right) so I guess it is an honor that they want me as an official sub!

    Take care

  10. What a cute blog you have!! ;)
    I have never been to an NFL game either! Looks like you hada great time! :)

    Hope you have a great weekend pretty lady!

  11. How fun!! Lindsey you are so pretty, way cuter than those cheerleaders!!

  12. Oh I bet you guys had a blast. It's ok that they lost it's still fun to go to the game and you guys were in the VIP sections ugh lucky:) Ok Next time I'm going to, ha just kidding. I can't believe you even got the cheerleaders to come up and have an exclusive visit with you guys. That is awesome. Well I hope you liked reliant stadium it's alot of fun especially when it gets colder cause then it really feels like football season. I know I have been in a different world lately but I'm back to blogging:) Our pics are up but not the befores because I lost them. woops.


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