Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bingo Night

This past Thursday my friend, Shannon, at work asked me to play Bingo with her at a community center near her house. I don't think I've played that game sine elementary school! I have to admit, I was so excited that she asked me! Fun game + old people = a TON of fun!! Side note, if you didn't know already, I love the elderly. Ryan and another friend from work, Adwiti, came along with us. We went out to eat before hand at this really neat outdoor place close by called Cedar Creek. I just love exploring Houston and finding unique places to eat or visit.
Me, Adwiti & Shannon
Ryan was getting pretty pumped about his game card & dobber. (I just found out what a dobber was. It's what you use to mark off the numbers.) This was almost as good as poker night for my hubby. ;)
This picture is just to give you a feel for the setting. The caller guy was calling off the numbers like there was no tomorrow! That was probably the most challenging part. There was about 14 rounds and there were a few "black out" & "caller's choice" rounds that were worth more money. One "black out" game you could win $500 less tax. Ha! I thought that was funny the caller always said less tax.
You could tell some people came every Thursday night and meant business. Take this woman for example. She brought her own light!! Some people had about 10 dobbers too. I think maybe they were afraid they would all run out of ink?? No one at our table won a round even though some of us came pretty close. It was a lot of fun and I definitely want to go back. People watching was pretty entertaining here. If anyone wants to come next time just let me know!

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  1. I LOVE going to go play much fun! I used to take my great-grandmother and her friend all the time.

  2. That looks like fun! I love Bingo

  3. oh my gosh! i totally wish i could go! haha i love bingo AND the elderly. it sounds like a blast!! :)

  4. I want to go!! :) I used to go with my mom, aunts, and grandma when I lived back home.

  5. I want to go!! :) I used to go with my mom, aunts, and grandma when I lived back home.

  6. Gosh ,I haven't played bingo in forever!I really like your blog! I am new to blogging so please stop by

  7. oh what fun!! I would totally love that!! You are super cute!! Oh my, I am looking at the word I have to type for verification to publish this comment and it's "sucks". ha ha, that's not very nice.


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