Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wonderful Birthday

We are returning the chair tonight. Although I love the colors and style, it's just not big enough for the space. I will keep you all updated on what we end up with. It might take a few more purchases and returns to figure it out. :)

My birthday was absolutely amazing majorly in part to my incredible husband. He woke me up the morning of my birthday to give me a sweet birthday card that said I had a massage appoint at 10am! I hadn't had one since my honeymoon, long over due. After that Ryan surprised me again with a trip to Best Buy to get a few things for my iphone and a receiver to play music at our house. We have speakers throughout our house but never could use them without the receiver. So we had a dance party once it was hooked up (that was for you Malinda!). Then we headed to the pool to soak up some rays and enjoy the day. This is the only picture I got on my actual birthday.
Once we got home I was wiped out from the relaxing massage and the sun so I just laid around while Ryan fixed my birthday cake. I requested Dirt Cake this year. Yum! It was so wonderful to not have an agenda. We were going to have dinner with some friends but one ended being sick, and I was still wiped out so we are saving it for another night.

Now on to what I know you have all been waiting for.... the birthday gifts! Ryan let me pick out a few new pieces of furniture to add to our home that I've really been wanting. So I picked out a new chair for the living room and a coffee table. I am so excited you guys!

We got this chair at Pier 1 and the colors are perfect for the room. It is a shorter chair but is wide. I am still debating if it's too small. What do you think and be honest! Keep in mind we don't have that big of a living room area but it still may need a more substantial chair...
This may be my favorite piece of furniture we have bought so far. This gorgeous coffee table is from one of my favorite stores, Pottery Barn. I have bought accessories and towels there before but this is my first piece of furniture from them. I love it!
A picture all together. We are currently trying to sell our couch and get something a little lighter in color but still leather. Any takers? :)
Needless to say this has been one amazing birthday. I felt really blessed by my friends and family. Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes!

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  1. Glad you had such a good Birthday! I love the chair! Maybe you could put a little end table next too if you think it is too small. But I think it looks fine just the way it is!!

  2. i think the chair is super cute. i love the pattern. the table is nice too! i LOVE pottery barn. :) i agree an end table would look really nice next to it...maybe with some sort of fun lamp :)

  3. I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday and a dance party for me!! I miss you friend!

  4. I really do like the chair, but it is out of proportion with the new table and the sofa. Maybe you can use it somewhere else in the house? It would make a great reading chair in a bedroom. Try an end table next to it, it may not look so small when it isn't standing alone. Glad you had a wonderful birthdy.

  5. Thanks Marianne. I couldn't figure out how to email you directly but we've decided to return the chair. :)
    We thought the same things you did and decided we would rather use the money that we spent on the chair towards a chair more appropriate for the space. Thanks for your impute! You helped me confirm my thoughts.


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