Thursday, August 20, 2009

Weekend Lake Trip

This past weekend our friends Brad & Lindsey invited us to their family's lake house on LBJ Lake outside of Austin, TX. Lindsey's Aunt & Uncle have a gorgeous lake house right on the water. We LOVE the lake and couldn't wait to go boating. Unfortunately, Ryan just so happened to get a crick in his neck right before we left. So that kind of stunk for him but still managed to have a blast.

Lindsey even made us all breakfast both mornings and they were delicious! If you know Lindsey, then you know this was nothing short of a miracle. :)
Right after breakfast we wasted no time hitting the water. Lindsey's uncle had given us a night tour on the boat the evening before to see all the beautiful houses lit up.

Their boat is like a Cadillac on water!

I love this picture of Ryan. He looks so modelesque. I know he could sell me this boat if this really was an ad. :)
I had so many pictures of us tubing so I narrowed them down to a few below.

Even with all the boating we managed to get in three games of Canasta that weekend.
Brad, Lindsey, Susan & Sid on their back deck. Me, Ryan, Brad & Lindsey
On Sunday we decided to take it easy since none of us could really move from the intense soreness from all the activites the day before. So we decided to take the boat out one last time and just take a dip in the lake. The water was the perfect temperature to let our sore muscles relax. Getting our last minutes of sun before heading back to H-town.
We saw some interesting art while floating along the lake.
We couldn't have asked for better weather or a more perfect weekend. It included almost everything we love! Thank you so much Lindsey for inviting us to your family's wonderful lake house and entertaining us to no end. Plus, how could I have missed your debut into the cooking world??

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  1. I love lake LBJ. I remember going once when I was a kid and that was one of my favorite childhood vacations. Look's like ya'll had a lot of fun! I miss boating!!!

  2. Loving tubing, so much fun until you fall off! :)

  3. Isn't it great to know people that have access to the lake with boats! HA!! I LOVE the lake, love tubing and now I really want to go!
    We had friends back home who had a boat and jet ski's and we had always had so much fun! The pics are great! Glad y'all had a good time!


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