Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trail Creek Farm

I have to give my mother-in-law, Susan, a shout out because she is the most creative woman that I know! She owns her own business where she creates one-of-a-kind gifts, pillows, cross-stitch patterns, screen printing, coasters, etc. You name it, she can make it! ( Last time I went to see her, she taught me how to make curtains. (see here and scroll down for pictures)

Here are a few pictures of her adorable studio where the creative juices flow.

She even employees her architect daughters so help her with some of the designs and production.
She makes designs for every season and event. You can purchase the design to do-it-yourself or the already completed version, which ever fits your fancy.
One of her newest additions are these awesome coasters. Each one is unique! What's great about these beauties is that you can pick out what fabric you want for the coasters. She even makes her packaging creative and unique!
If anyone is looking for a creative gift idea, check out her website at Susan is always happy to give advice to any do-it-yourselfers. ( = I am going to put up a link to her website on left side bar of my blog. Feel free to shoot her an email with whatever questions you have. Even if you just want to drop by and leave her an encouraging note. Show my talented mother-in-law some love. <3
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  1. Wow she makes some beautiful original stuff...I love it!!! I'm sure I'll be placing an order for some ornaments and other seasonal decor because I'm such a softy for those;) I know I have come to the conclusion that football has this power that just sucks them right in, ha!! Even my son who is only 15 months will settle down in a second for football. That is really neat that we both work for oil companies. I work for BJ Services Company. You may have seen our IT office in Tomball because that's the one everyone always asks me if I work at since that's the building that's so well known and beautiful. I am human resources, accounting and district clerk for the assembly department in a manufacturing plant over near spring so it's not as "pretty" as the IT offices:) but I enjoy it so that's all that matters. What do you do for Conoco Phillips?? You probably work downtown huh??

  2. SO cute!! She makes some great stuff! I love all of her fabrics. I need to learn how to sew, I can't sew a button on! I will check out her website!

  3. That is the kind of gifts I like to give. I have a large family and they are always keeping up with the Jones! So I'm always looking for something different since they already have one of everything. LOL Great idea, I have already marked it under favorites!


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