Friday, August 28, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Showers

I didn't join in last week for Show Us Your Life - Baby Showers, because I really haven't been to very many. When it's my time to throw a baby shower I will definitely hit up that post for some great ideas!
This week on Kelly's Korner, everyone is sharing their wedding shower themes. Back before I got married I was awful at taking pictures! So I don't have very many to share with all the neat theme and decor ideas. I was lucky enough to have had four showers thrown for me by my friends and family. This first one I am going to share was thrown by my loving mother at her house.
The table was beautifully laid out with all the nice serving platters, china, and flowers.

My mom even had my bridal shower cake made by the same lady who did my wedding cake! It was so gorgeous I didn't want to eat it, but I couldn't resist the melt-in-your-mouth cake. :)

This shower mainly consisted of my side of the family and my mom's friends. I got a lot of goodies. Look at how long my hair was then!!

Ryan showed up at the end to say hi to everybody.

I also had a shower in Ryan's home town hosted by the Ebright's family friends. The theme was Kansas/Texas! It was great because we were about to move from Kansas to Texas, and the decorations consisted of maps and items we could actually use once we moved there. You may even recognize the letters on the wall in our home. They were part of our gift as well.
Those ladies absolutely out did themselves. So creative.
The delicious food that was served.
Judy, Cynthia, & Judy were the amazing hosts.
Me, Kara (maid of honor) and my mom
Susan (Ryan's mom) threw a gorgeous kitchen shower for me with one of her good friends in Kansas City, but I have no pictures from it!! :(
Lastly, my best friend, Kara, hosted my lingerie shower AND bachelorette party on different nights. She is the best! Kara is one of the most talented and creative people I know. Just look what she did with the table scape. We were even still in college!
The roses were my wedding flowers and she incorporated my favorite colors.
Some of my friends that were at the shower. Unfortunately, I didn't get everyone in the group shot.
This actually wasn't a shower but was my bridal luncheon the day before my wedding. I just thought I would throw these pictures in because they are so cute! All my bridesmaids (expect Suz that was coming in from Wichita) and my mom & mother-in-law.
I think this cake is called Lady Fingers. It doesn't sound appetizing but it was soooo good. I had never see one of these cakes before, and it was so unique!
That about wraps it up. Hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane. Can I throw another shower that I can register for?? :)

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  1. Loved looking at the pictures of your wedding shower!! The Kansas/Texas theme is too cute!

  2. You had two beautiful showers! And both the cakes look DELICIOUS!

  3. Beautiful wedding showers! :)
    And that cake look delish!

  4. ah i just got your blog comment,i have been such a bad blog reader lately sorry!! i had some spare time now so i decided to check up on what i have been missing. love all the pictures. the cake looks SO tasty!! :)

  5. love the cake and all the flowers! cute pics! xoxo


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