Friday, August 14, 2009

I have just one question...

I took these pictures a couple weeks ago and I have just have to ask... What IS this thing???
Thankful it was on the outside of the window or I might have had a heart attack. I've never seen a moth so big, if that is what it is. Oh man, that thing was ugly and it never moved! Yogi was intrigued.
He tried to scissor kick the creature in attempt to get it to move. It stayed there for hours. Finally, later in the day, I came back and it was gone. Yogi might have figured out away to scare it off but I doubt it. I hope it doesn't come back, because I'm kind of scared to go into my backyard in fear that it may fly at me and attack!
Please let me know if you know what IT is. Thanks much!

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  1. hahaha i love the pictures but you are right that bug is HUUUUGE. it definitely looks like a moth -- an abnormally large moth. yikes!!

  2. It looks like a moth. And I love your cat! I had a cat that looked just like him when I was growing up; the same marking and size!

  3. It looks like a huge moth to me too! Looks freaky though!! Lol I know... it seems everywhere I go now people are always talking about Destin!


    I think it may be one of these.

  5. We had one of these last year that came out right before Ike came through. It was at night and it was on our window and when I flashed the camera it's eyes turned this bright red color and it's looks weird, like something out of a horror flick! Ewww, I don't like them either!


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