Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy (belated) Birthday Pat!

My Godmother's birthday was this past Sunday, and I missed uploading this post because I was out of town. :(
Pat is a very special lady with many, many talents. She is my mom's first cousin, and they have always been close their whole lives. So when I was born it was only natural for Pat to become my Godmother. I always thought of Pat as a second mom. Even though we never lived close together, she was always just a phone call away.
Her faith, value for family and vivaciousness has impacted who I've become today. Though she lived in Dallas, she would always be there for the big events or holidays until her mom became sick. Pat took care of her mom for a huge part of her adult years. She gave up everything to dedicate her time and energy to her mom. Her selflessness has taught me a great deal and what it looks like to be there for your family. Pat set the example for us all.
It has not always been easy for her but somehow she kept going. She pushed through so many tough situations, and I believe came out a much stronger person. Since we've moved to Houston, it's been so much fun seeing her more often and making new memories. :)
Pat, Me & Mary (mom)
I love you Pat and hope you had a very special birthday!

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  1. What a wonderful woman to have in your life!
    Happy Birthday to her! :)

  2. She seems like a wonderful lady!


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