Monday, August 10, 2009

Guest Bedroom & Bathroom Redo

The long awaited pictures of my guest bedroom & bathroom are finally posted! :) You probably didn't even know I was redoing them. Do you remember what the bathroom used to look like? If not, click here for a refresher and scroll down. It was in need of a makeover. Bathrooms, to me, are the hardest rooms to paint with all their nooks and crannies. I went with Blonde from Sherwin Williams as the paint color for both the bathroom and bedroom.
I thought the Zebra print design would be fun in a bathroom so I just went for it. Why not? I spray painted the white wicker stand and trash can black to blend in better. The bath mat (Crate & Barrel) is wooden, and I thought it helped the room seem more organic or natural feeling. All the zebra print items are from Pottery Barn beside the frame (Target).
New towels mixed with the old green hand towel for contrast and the holes still need to be patched. The builder is hopefully coming this week to finally fix them.
This our second guest bedroom that was painted a builders white (click here to see what it used to look like and scroll down). It just washed out all the white furniture in this room so it had to go. I like this color because it helps the furniture pop but it's not too dark. We also got some pictures hung up on the walls.
Another thing we did was change out part of the bedding because the yellow in the duvet clashed with the wall color. Plus Ryan was trying to find any excuse to switch it out. Ha! We had a white duvet laying around so it was an easy change (a little wrinkled, oh well!).
Did you notice a basket on the red chair? Were you wondering what it was doing there? Well.... we have a roommate! My good friend Katie will be staying with us for a bit while she searches for a job in Dallas. She will continue to work at ConocoPhillips until she finds one. You might remember we just had a going away party for her husband, Jon, at Dave & Busters. He is now in Dallas getting ready to start his MBA. I am so excited to be able to spend a little more time with Katie before she heads on to Dallas. Next up, weekend with the in-laws! <3

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  1. Love your bathroom! I like the Zebra stuff...too cute! I am decorating my living room/kitchen in my apartment with leopard stuff when I move back up to College Station later this month!

  2. These rooms look great!! I love the colors in both rooms, I really like the zebra print shower curtain. You did a great job and I agree that the bathroom is the hardest room to paint, I hate getting around the toilet! THe laundry room stinks too!! Great job girl!

  3. the bathroom looks so cute!!! You guys did a great job...I was reading your link to how it was before and I saw your recipe for those cake ball pops. mmmmm those look so yummy I'm going to try to make some for the holidays this year!!! I hope I don't ruin them ;) I know exactly where cinco ranch is a guy that works with me lives there and my dad lives in katy too. We stayed in conroe because that's where my husband and I grew up otherwise we would've definitley tried out Katy!!!


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