Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ebright Adventures

We had quite the weekend! Ryan's parents, Harlan & Susan, drove all the way from Kansas to come visit us. We were feeling a little home sick so this was a much needed pick me up. They got in about 2:00pm on Friday, and Ryan entertained them until I got off work. Harlan & Susan were pretty tired from their long drive (they left at 2:00 AM!) so it was a low key evening. We ate at one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants, and then went on a walk to burn all the calories off. :)
Our goal was to find an alligator. We had heard several stories about other people seeing them but we wanted to see one for ourselves so we walked to the nearby bayou. Harlan is pointing at things he thinks could alligators.
Funny that we were having fun with this sign because... we encountered both a snake & an alligator right after this picture was taken!!
As we were walking along the path I spotted this odd looking bird standing in the water. So I tried to get a closer look with my camera. Right when I snapped this photo Ryan yells look at the snake by your feet! I came out of my skin and then dropped dead. Then I came alive again and took off running. It was a long black thing. Which Ryan of course swears was a water moccasin.
After my little scare, we headed to the viewing dock where we came across some other people looking for alligators. They had spotted one earlier in the evening just hours before we got there.
Low and behold, the little guy came along again!! I would say he was about a three footer. Probably a teenager. He wasn't shy at all and it made you wonder where the parents were! Check out the video footage I got of it. Sorry if my voice is annoying. I was freaked because it got within about 15 feet of us.

This is a still image of it. Look at the creepy eye! It was amazing to see an alligator practically in my backyard.
The next day we had our favorite Shipley's donuts and then we hit up some shops that Susan wanted to see in downtown Houston. I love exploring down town because we never get over there. There are just so many neat shops and restaurants. After we had our fill of shopping we relaxed at the Beach Club Pool.
Apparently, we still needed to get some exercise in because we went kayaking and paddle boating. Harlan showing off his mad skills.
Susan & I joined the boys later for some couples kayaking.
Katie & I maned the paddle boat while Susan relaxed in the back.
Sunday we slept in and went to one of my favorite breakfast joints called Le Peep. Then we finished up checking out the shops Susan wanted to see and headed back to the house to relax & bbq. We played some games and finished up the night with one more walk. There is a newer part of our neighborhood that I had never seen before. So we decided to take our walk there. While admiring the beautiful scenery I saw a ton of mice! Harlan thinks they were rats. Eeeek! Here is a picture of three of them just out in the open.
The pond was huge! This is just a small sliver of the pond where you can see the infinity edge.
The whole gang minus Katie taking the picture.
We miss you guys already and want you back! It was such a fun weekend and I always feel blessed to spend time with loved ones.

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  1. That eye is creepy!! I would of been freaked out too!

  2. that looks like so much fun! i've been feeling homesick lately too. it's always nice to have visitors to make you feel better!! :)

  3. I thought so too! I just had to get a pic though! Gruene is by New Bruanfels,Texas (San Antonio area). I went to float the Guadalupe river...and we stopped in Gruene to eat and shop. It's such a cute little town!

  4. P.S. Thank you so much for the decorating advice! I need it! I think some bright plates would look great on that top shelf!!

  5. Yum! Le Peep sounds good right about now!

  6. What a fun weekend! I love all the pics and so much to do! That alligator is so creepy!! Hard to believe it was so close to you, which means it was somewhat close to me! HA!


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