Saturday, July 25, 2009

Works of Art

Our artwork is in from last weeks creative session. Click here to see. I was very impressed with them. It was so hard to tell how the colors were going to turn out before the pieces were glazed and fired. They were perfect! This was such a fun and creative idea for my mom's birthday. I would recommend it to anyone trying to think of something fun and different to do.

This is the birthday girl's creation. Mary picked this design so she could match it with her kitchen. I think she accomplished what sh set out to do. Love it!
Pat decided to make a piece for my mom to remember her by. She is very sentimental like that. :) She was so worried that the colors weren't going to be vibrant enough but it turned out beautifully.
It looks fabulous Pat! You should know that yours was on display in the store when I went to pick it up! I guess a lot of other people really liked it too.
Guess who's next piece this is... Does the "E" give it away? I really wanted something bright and fun to serve food on. These pieces are great because they are made to have food served on them and wash up easily too! I can't wait to use it.
Now everyone go make one! You will have a blast.

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  1. oh i know! kelly's blog is great for that - i've found lots of fun blogs to read through her. :) and yes i defintiely feel like i'm going to be an expert when i actually do get engaged because i just looove looking at wedding dresses. :)

    i used to paint ceramics all the time. :) i think it's a great stress reliever -- and they always turn out so cute.

  2. They look so pretty!!! Where did you guys go do this at?? They used to have a place in the deerbrook mall over in humble but they moved it out a long time ago and I would love to go and find another place to do this at. We live in The Woodlands/Conroe about 10 minutes north of Old Town Spring. Where do you guys live? Yes it is definitley the place to "feel the christmas spirit" my sons eyes grow ten times bigger from all the lights:)

  3. I totally need to do this!! I love you platter, it is so cute!! you did a fantastic job! I LOVE polka dots! I think there is a place nearby me that I should check out. I never think to do things like this, so fun!

  4. Those turned out awesome! I wanted to do something like that a few years ago with a place up here and never got around to it. Now my older boys think it's not a cool thing to do.


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