Monday, July 13, 2009

Short KC Visit

Early Sunday morning we said our goodbyes to Ryan's parents and sisters. It is always so tough to leave. I snapped a few more photos and we hit the road. I realized I didn't have that many pictures of Ryan & his dad together so I made sure to get one before we left.
I quick pic of the trio headed to Kansas City for a very short trip.
Ryan's home town is about 3 and a half hours from KC so we arrived about lunch time. Ryan has a few places he must eat at every time he comes in town. So our first stop was Imo's Pizza for lunch. After that, we headed to see my Grandma and cousins. My family is so important to me, and I value our time together even more now that I can't see them whenever I want.
This is my grandma & I. She is my last living grandparent and I love her to pieces! Her selflessness and love just exudes from her and people just love being around her. I am one lucky granddaughter to have her.
This is my cousin Chelsea and she was the closest in age to me. We are less then a year apart. So the fact that she is a mom now is just craziness! :o) She had the most precious daughter, Addison, just over two months ago. My eyes swelled with tears seeing her cuddle her baby . I just can't believe we are all grown up. I feel like it was just yesterday when Chelsea and I would play hide & seek in the basement or play dress up. Now she gets to dress up her own little girl!
This absolutely melted my heart. Ryan thinks this is the first time he's every held an infant. I don't think that's true but it has been awhile! Addy just stretched out in his arms and was lounging.
As for me, Addy decided she wanted to cry every time I held her! What does that mean?? It probably means I am not quite ready yet for one of my own. :P
This is one of my other cousins, Matt. He is Chelsea's brother and they have two other siblings that weren't there. Matt is holding his little daughter, Kaylee. She is just about the cutest thing ever! I love coming to see her because she is just so entertaining. She loves to shoot the breeze with you. One of the sweetest things about Kaylee is her love for her great grandma (my grandma). She wants to make sure she is taken care and always wants to be on her lap. She even makes sure that you hug grandma before you leave! I could just die!
Entertaining Grandma.
She loves her snowman straw. Ha!
After our nice long visit, we headed to my mom's house where Ryan & I crashed until dinner time. My mom prepare a fabulous home cooked steak dinner. Then we played a rousing game of Monopoly & Speedo. Around 8:30 or 9:00 that night we headed over to my best friend, Kara's, apartment. I hadn't seen her since she broke her elbow. Remember this trip? She can now straighten her arm all the way! Her husband, Matt's, twin brother and wife were visiting from Los Angeles. It was such a treat to see them! We mostly just hung out on their back porch and got caught up on everyone's lives. It was a much needed refresher to spend sometime with friends back home.
Kara & Matt
Betsy & Jim (Matt's twin)
Kara's little brother Trevor came over to see everyone too. It's so weird for me to see him driving! How did Kara's little brother get so big??
How tall is he? You be the judge by the pictures of him with Ryan & I. :)
In my defense, I was standing awkwardly!
Time for Kara & I's photo. No boys allowed!
Ryan is faking that I am killing his leg... He really is faking!!
The next morning we slept in and then did a little bit of shopping. What is a vacation without some shopping? Our last meal was at our favorite Mexican restaurant in KC, Cactus Grill. If you live in the area and have not tried this place, you must! You will not be disappointed.
After lunch, we stopped by to see Ryan's grandpa down at the Plaza. His condo is in an amazing location, just steps from the plaza shops. We hadn't seen Papa since Christmas so we were long overdue.
We left from Papa's place to the airport where my mom dropped us off. It was way too short of a visit and hope to get back sometime this fall for a longer period of time. We already miss everybody so much.

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  1. Thanks for responding! To be honest, I'd almost forgotten too, but no worries. I don't hold a grudge. :)

    We are building in Independence. My husband works for Cessna which is located there (which is the only reason we chose it!)

    I have a friend that grew up in Overland Park... her name is Mindy Smith (used to be Mason)

  2. We actually live in Bartlesville NOW and are building in Indy!

  3. What a great visit!! Good times and sweet little Addy is precious! I LOVE your shirt! :) I think it looks better on you! I also think y'all should start pulling for the Kentucky Wildcats! What do ya think?! :) And if we live even somewhat close, we should totally get together sometime!


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