Saturday, July 11, 2009

Farm Moments

Ryan's parents are in the process of redoing pretty much their entire house. Luckily, with an architect (Emily), an interior architect (Sally), and an interior designer (Susan) in the family this should be one amazing renovation! Since it is so big they are doing it in sections starting with the side of the house where the living room and dinning room are. I didn't get a good picture of the living room but this is the dining room. The girls have had a lot of fun painting existing furniture fun vibrant colors. I can not wait to see how everything turns out. You better believe I will get pictures of the after. You will be amazed.
Funny story about this dining room table... So the first night Ryan & I were there Susan had prepared a fabulous home cooked dinner for us. I was eagerly awaiting the food at the table with my glass of milk. Susan calls us into the kitchen to grab our food so I set my glass down on the table to get up. As I do this the table buckles and crashes to the floor with my milk and several other glasses of milk. It went everywhere! It pretty much looked like I had thrown an entire gallon of milk on the floor. Sheesh. Worse, I thought I had broken their table! Luckily, the legs had not been locked into place so it gave way. Somehow these things always happen to me.

This is poor Harlan helping clean up the mess. He is so sweet! By the way, this picture was taken after most of the milk had already been cleaned up.
Behind this table are gorgeous double doors leading outside. Sally and I's project was to make some curtains to go across them for the upcoming Fourth of July party. We just used scraps of fabric Susan had in her studio. Sally did all the hard work of sewing and just being awesome. It was a lot of fun and made me want to get a sewing machine of my own. However, I am not that creative and probably wouldn't get much use out of it. Oh, and I also pulled the curtain rod out of the ceiling... I just pretty much destroyed their house while we were there. Harlan came in behind me and fixed that too. Thank goodness. Sorry guys!!!
Moving on from my clumsiness... Harvest was going on when we got into town so of course Ryan jumped at the opportunity to help out. He is a pro when it comes to working a combine. In this pic, he is cutting wheat. It is a very dusty job.
I wouldn't want to get in front of this thing!
I rode along with him several times during the weekend. It really is relaxing and fun to spend time with the hubs doing something he loves. He gets so excited teaching me all about the farm and everything that it involves.
Such a hard working man!
When the combine gets full, Ryan empties the grain into a semi truck. Then the semi truck takes it to a grain elevator that weighs it and dumps it.
Back at the house, you would expect to see chickens running around. They crack me up! It is so fun to see them running around chasing bugs. Their mannerisms are hilarious.
The black and white ones are so unique to me. Susan collects their eggs and uses them for baking or cooking. Before you get all weird on me, there are a ton of celebrities that do this and have their own chicken coop. I've seen it on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It is very posh. :oP Although, I would rather have chickens at a farm like this then in a city.
Ryan's cousin, Alison, is feeding them here. It's quite the experience.
Last, but certainly not least, there is Annie. Oh how Annie misses Ryan. It's really kind of sad because she gets so upset when he leaves. You can not have a farm without a family farm dog and Annie is the perfect one. Sweet, sweet Annie. Ryan misses you too!
That's about it from the few days we were in Ryan's hometown. Next up, Kansas City!

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  1. That looks like a fun trip. You were in KC??? Okay, where was my canasta date? Hee hee It's okay, I know you were scared that I was gonna beat you. LOL Maybe next time.


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