Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eventful Weekend

Saturday morning I woke up early to fix everybody pancakes. This was my first time attempting this because I normally use our waffle maker. It's harder then it looks to make the perfect pancake! Any tips?

After our breakfast we tried to decide what our day was going to consist of and ended up deciding on visiting Old Town Spring. Ryan & I had never been there but heard there was good shopping & it's really cute. But before we left, I had to tease my mom some more... I forgot to do this on her actual birthday. I had ordered these ice trays that shape ice into the form of dentures! Ha! Click here to see it better. I slipped one into her water and she busted out laughing. It was a fun gag to pull on her. Rocky was giving some good lovin' to Yogi before we left for the day.
As soon as we got to Old Town Spring we hit up one of their famous burger joints and it didn't disappoint.
Are they cute or what?
Sister's from another mother.
Trying to escape the heat and blazing sun!
The girls.
After toughing out the heat to shop we came home to cool off. We tried to go to one of the many pools our neighborhood offers called the "Beach Club" but it started raining! It hasn't rained in like 3 months! Oh well, I guess we needed it. So we settled for some Mexican Train. They look so serious in this picture. They are not messin' around!
Sunday morning we said goodbye to Pat & Rocky and saw them off on their long drive home to Dallas. Once we got around, we decided to try the "Beach Club" pool again and this time it was a success!
It's like you are on vacation! The pool is right next to a man made lake that you can sail or paddle boat in. This is hands down my favorite pool even though the sand can get really hot to walk on.
Check out my mom's football throwing skills!
After tossing the football around in the pool for awhile, we decided to try out the paddle boats.
My mom and I manned the "ship". We were headed to the fountain in the middle of the lake to cool off.
Ryan's tongue is purple from his grape slushy.
Just hanging out in the back of the paddle boat, making the women do all the work. :)
We found some ducks that were moulting. They looked so funny!
This is my mom after she fell backwards into the boat when trying to switch places with Ryan.
That's about it folks from our exciting weekend with the family. We just played some good ol' canasta and watched a movie Sunday night. Sadly, Ryan dropped my mom off at the airport Monday morning. Hopefully, we will get to see our family again sooner then later.

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  1. hey there! thanks for the sweet note. Wade's doing just fine and we were all relieved to wake-up from the bad dream to find him healthy again! AMEN!!!
    How are you doing? It looks like you have a busy summer too. Tell you mom happy birthday from your blog friend in Georgia :)

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. I think I would have thrown Ryan overboard for making you work so hard! LOL

  3. Oh...THANKS! :) We mommies do what we have to do...and do it without hesitation. Do you plan on staying at home when you have children? I plan on staying at home when we have our second baby...and three years can't come soon enough. :) Is that "Beach Club" part of your housing addition? How awesome is that?!

  4. That looks like a fun weekend! We might have to visit this place you were talking about. I still know so little about this area! That's hilarious the ice cubes that look like dentures! Love all the pictures, you are stinkin' cute and fun! I bet your mom had a great time!

  5. I love old town spring!! Next time you go there eat at Wunche Bros. Cafe oh it is so good and make sure you get some beer bread when you eat there. We always try to go around Christmas time because it's decorated so cute!!! That burger place is awesome the only bad part is every time we've been there it's taken a little long to get our food but it's totally worth it:) The ice molds are adorable I'm gonna have to do that for my mom's birthday. And I love that pool it looks awesome!!!


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