Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrating Mary

The day of my mom birthday was chalk full of fun! I wanted this to be a birthday to remember.

You have to spoil the birthday girl but also give her just a little bit of a hard time too. ;oP
I bought her cake at a local bakery but they wanted to charge me an outrageous amount for dots, for dots people! So I just had them do the writing and I added the dots. The birthday colors this year were royal blue (my mom's favorite color), purple and green.
We picked my mom up at the airport and met up with Pat & Rocky as they drove into town. Then we grabbed some lunch at one of their favorite places to eat, La Madeleine. After lunch I surprised my mom by going to Glazed Over Ceramics where you can paint your own pottery and they glaze and fire it for you. My friend, Katie, gave me this neat idea to do as her birthday gift. It's something my mom can keep to commemorate her 60th and always remember what she did on that day. It was a lot of fun and gave us a chance to get creative. My mom chose the hardest design ever! It was so intricate.
Pat decided to paint one for my mom to remember her by. :) She went with butterflies.
I will be picking up our master pieces on Friday and will show you all the final products. They are really light when you paint them but become a lot brighter once glazed and fired.
While the girls were playing, Ryan fixed us a delicious birthday dinner that consisted of BBQ beef sandwiches, baked beans, green chili corn, chips and sodas. It actually wasn't melting hot outside for once so we got to eat outside.
After dinner my mom opened up all her fabulous gifts. Her good friend Cindy sent her some gorgeous earrings all the way from Salt Lake City to my house. We girls really like our jewelry. :)
Pat showered her with so many wonderful gifts. The theme was pampering. Can you tell?
One of my favorite gifts was the bathtub holder. I don't know what you really call it but you can lay your book on it to read while in the tub. Great idea!
She got so many, many gifts from Pat.
A sweet picture of Rocky, Pat and Mary. (Pat & my mom are first cousins.)
Ryan, Mom and I
Mother, daughter (Yogi wanted in the picture)
Then it was time to blow out the candles and dig into the delicious chocolate cake.
I hope she felt loved and extra special on her birthday. The Lord knows just how special she is.
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  1. So is your mom leaving with a U-Haul? She got some really cool gifts. I love the bath tub caddy. Where did you get that? Maybe someday I can have some peace and take a LONG bath and relax with a good book.


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