Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July Continued

On the day of the 4th, my mom came in town to join in on the all the fun. I hadn't seen her since Italy. Come to think of it, I don't think we've seen any of our family since then! Wow, we were way over due.Saturday was chalk full of fun activities. This included some of Emily's "unique" board games. Ha! She has a passion for off the wall games that nobody has heard of. It cracks everyone up when she tries to get everyone to play. Then, when she goes to explain the game, she ends up confusing herself!
Susan got the basement all ready for family games. We spent the afternoon playing tournaments of ping pong and pool.
Emily was really getting into it.
Watch out for Mary! She shows no mercy.
Then we all were graced with music from the talented Ebright children.
They all are multi talented in this area. The girls can sing, play piano and the guitar! Ryan can sing, used to play the piano and violin. I need to find a picture of him with the violin. It was hilarious. Sally or Emily, you need to hook me up with that!
Sally was trying to coax me into joining the trio. How could I join in on all the amazing harmonizing going on? No way! I have no clue how to harmonize. I will upload some clips of them singing later. It will be a treat.
Then we showed my mom around. She hadn't been there since they put the pond in the back with all the fishies. The water was really low because the windmill was broken that feeds water into it. Soon after that, it was time for another firework show by the Ebright kids. We had a ton of the artillery shell fireworks left. The ones that go way up in the air and have a big display. I am cracking up at this picture because I just realized Susan was yawning, and it looks like she is yelling at the sky.
This night I made sure and covered almost every inch of myself. I wore socks, tennis shoes, jeans and even a zipped up hoodie! It looks like we were cold but really we were hiding from the mosquitoes.
I somehow got bites anyway but I still had a ton of fun. Sally & I were a little wind blown.
This is me blinding Ryan with the flash. I just love this guy!
Dad & son plotting how to make the fireworks even more explosive...
Hmmm... Harlan looks a little dangerous!
This town really knows how to put on a show for the 4th! I really enjoyed just watching everybody else's displays. We all came out unscathed besides a few close calls... Sally... :oP I can't wait for next year!

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  1. Yes! My Aunt Theta lives there. Too bad we weren't in town...that would have been really fun! :) Sounds and looks like you all had a GREAT Holiday! And yes, those "Ebright Children" were all so talented...not fair, lol!


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