Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Party & Flowers

I can't believe it's already time for Friday's Show Us Your Life post on Kelly's Korner! Yet, here we are. :) This week I get to show you all my gorgeous wedding party and some of the flowers. I chose roses crescendoing in colors to define each bridesmaid and create interest. Then I had all the colors combined in my bouquet. I thought it turned out really well. The pictures don't even give them justice.
These are my girls, the b-e-a-utiful bridesmaids. Could they be any hotter??

Starting from the left I will talk about how I know each one. Megan and I met in college and became fast friends. We were in the same major and ended up living together our senior year. Suzanne & I met through our sorority, Pi Phi, and lived together in the sorority house & our senior year. Lindsey & I went to rival high schools and didn't meet until we joined the same sorority. We also lived together in the sorority house and our senior year. Kara (maid of honor) & I have been best friends since my freshman year of high school. We also lived together my senior year. Michelle (the bomb shell red head) & I met through Pi Phi and we were connected at the hip. We lived together in Pi Phi as well. Last but certainly not least, Erin & I met working together at Lafene which was the campus pharmacy. We were the best darn pharmacy techs K-State had ever seen! We also lived together my senior year. You guessed it. I had a LOT of roomies my senior year. It was a blast! These were our groomsmen. I didn't like how the photographer positioned Ryan with them so I chose one with me in it instead. Ryan has some pretty handsome friends if I do say so myself. Not too shabby. ;) Again, I will list them from left to right.

First off is Kenneth, we just went to his wedding in New Mexico a couple months ago. You can read about it here. Ryan & Ken were DU brothers together and their mom's were Kappa's together back in the day. Ty was one of Ryan's best buddies in high school. Evan is Ryan's cousin and have always been super close. We visited Even in New York City when he moved there for Ryan's 25th birthday a few years ago. Miles (6 foot 8 inches if you were wondering) is Ryan's best friend & best man. They've know each other since they were little. I feel like I have two body guards with me when I am out with Miles & Ryan. Matt was one of Ryan's best buddies in high school. Finally, Graham and Ryan were DU brothers and lived together their senior year (really fifth year). Their mom's were Kappa's together as well. Small world!
Our entire wedding party minus the guest book & gift attendants. I don't know where they were for this picture. Carly & Ashley (on the far left) were our program attendants. You might recognize them from my previous post (they are both preggers). We had 4 ushers (pictured to the very right) Josh, Tony, Jon and Graham (he duoed as both groomsmen & usher). The cutie up front is Abby our adorable flower girl. She was the star of the show. Abby's family is really good friends with Ryan's. It was the best wedding party I could have ever asked for. They made our day so special. That's about it. Hope you enjoyed meeting our fabulous friends. We miss them lots all the way from Texas.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Boom

Does anyone else feel like they are in a baby boom right now? Well I do! I was just discussing with my husband just a few short months ago how none of our friends had really started having babies. This was a surprise to me since most of them got married out of college or shortly there after. I thought for sure there would a least be a few babies in the first few years but nobody had one. So I was telling Ryan that there was going to be a baby boom soon. I could feel it! That's rare when most of your friends are married and there are no babies!

My thoughts were confirmed shortly after that talk with the hubs. I found out that my friend I grew up with in church was preggers and due in November! We went to KSU and were on summer staff together at our church. I am super excited for them because they are going to make the best parents.
Carly & Britt

Next on the list is another friend I grew up with at my church. We also went to KSU together and were sorority sisters. She married a guy from my high school and now they are pregnant & due in December! Coincidentally, Carly & Ashley were my program girls in my wedding.
Travis & Ashley

You probably saw pictures of this couple when we went to New Mexico a couple months ago. Brady was fraternity brothers with Ryan and we reconnected with them on trip our to NM. We found out that they were due in October!
Brady & Samantha

I just found out about a week or so ago that my good friend from Bartlesville is due in February! John was fraternity brothers with Ryan and they both work for ConocoPhillips. That is how I met his wife, Malinda (who also works for COP), and we became fast friends. They were some of closest friends in B'ville and we miss them dearly. We couldn't be more excited for them, and they will be incredible parents.

Ryan's coworker and our neighbor just had their second child (baby girl- Caroline) about a week or so ago. They are the cutest family ever! Aaron is also the best cat sitter too! :o) They have the cutest little boy that our cats are scared of, ha!
Aaron, Amanda, & Caroline
We have even experienced the boom on our family side too! Ryan has had three cousins all have babies in the last year! My cousin is expecting her second baby this winter. It is just crazy to me to see my cousins starting families! I couldn't find a family pic of Sommer with her husband and daughter, so this will have to do.
Isabelle (look at those curls!), Sommer & Shyla (sister)
You might have seen the baby pictures I've posted recently with my cousin Chelsea and her daughter Addison, but here is their family picture right after she was born. Chelsea was the closest to me in age out of all my cousins, and it is just so amazing to see her with her own daughter. We have had countless coworkers have babies or are pregnant. There are even more friends that have had babies recently (and even a few we can't mention yet :)) too. It truly has been a boom but so much fun! It is a different experience to see your friends and family have "little me's". I love seeing them have a family of their own and grow into new people. It is a new phase of life! Don't worry, Ryan & I are not there yet. :) But I've had fun playing with other people's babies.

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Works of Art

Our artwork is in from last weeks creative session. Click here to see. I was very impressed with them. It was so hard to tell how the colors were going to turn out before the pieces were glazed and fired. They were perfect! This was such a fun and creative idea for my mom's birthday. I would recommend it to anyone trying to think of something fun and different to do.

This is the birthday girl's creation. Mary picked this design so she could match it with her kitchen. I think she accomplished what sh set out to do. Love it!
Pat decided to make a piece for my mom to remember her by. She is very sentimental like that. :) She was so worried that the colors weren't going to be vibrant enough but it turned out beautifully.
It looks fabulous Pat! You should know that yours was on display in the store when I went to pick it up! I guess a lot of other people really liked it too.
Guess who's next piece this is... Does the "E" give it away? I really wanted something bright and fun to serve food on. These pieces are great because they are made to have food served on them and wash up easily too! I can't wait to use it.
Now everyone go make one! You will have a blast.

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Dress

Over on Kelly's Korner, she is having Show Us Your Wedding Dress Friday. So I scrounged up some photos for you but they are not the best. I can't remember if I've expressed this before but I STRONGLY dislike my wedding photos. What you see on this blog I have edited extensively to even get them where they are now. Oh well, it happens. Any who, hope you enjoy seeing my dress that I married my best friend in.

The back of my dress had buttons all the way down my back to the bottom of the train. You might have to click on the picture to get a clearer view. My train had a gorgeous crystal pattern across it. Also, my veil had crystals on the edge of it and sparkled like crazy. Which of course I loved.

This is a little closer view of the front of my dress sitting down. I loved how it bunched up like that. It made it a totally different look. These two gorgeous women were two of my 6 bridesmaids. This is an even closer look at the top part of the dress. It had a soft heart shape cut at the top and beading & crystals all over it. Again, you might want to click on the picture to get a closer view of the intricacy. This style worked for my body type and that is how I knew it was "the one". I loved the bustle on the back of the dress. I don't have a great picture of it but you get the idea. I felt like Cinderella dancing in her ball gown. Oh how I wish I had something else I could wear this dress to. Actually, I don't even think I could fit into it right now! First, I would have to lose some weight. Then maybe I could convince my husband to throw an anniversary party where I could wear my dress. :) I'll keep you posted.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Eventful Weekend

Saturday morning I woke up early to fix everybody pancakes. This was my first time attempting this because I normally use our waffle maker. It's harder then it looks to make the perfect pancake! Any tips?

After our breakfast we tried to decide what our day was going to consist of and ended up deciding on visiting Old Town Spring. Ryan & I had never been there but heard there was good shopping & it's really cute. But before we left, I had to tease my mom some more... I forgot to do this on her actual birthday. I had ordered these ice trays that shape ice into the form of dentures! Ha! Click here to see it better. I slipped one into her water and she busted out laughing. It was a fun gag to pull on her. Rocky was giving some good lovin' to Yogi before we left for the day.
As soon as we got to Old Town Spring we hit up one of their famous burger joints and it didn't disappoint.
Are they cute or what?
Sister's from another mother.
Trying to escape the heat and blazing sun!
The girls.
After toughing out the heat to shop we came home to cool off. We tried to go to one of the many pools our neighborhood offers called the "Beach Club" but it started raining! It hasn't rained in like 3 months! Oh well, I guess we needed it. So we settled for some Mexican Train. They look so serious in this picture. They are not messin' around!
Sunday morning we said goodbye to Pat & Rocky and saw them off on their long drive home to Dallas. Once we got around, we decided to try the "Beach Club" pool again and this time it was a success!
It's like you are on vacation! The pool is right next to a man made lake that you can sail or paddle boat in. This is hands down my favorite pool even though the sand can get really hot to walk on.
Check out my mom's football throwing skills!
After tossing the football around in the pool for awhile, we decided to try out the paddle boats.
My mom and I manned the "ship". We were headed to the fountain in the middle of the lake to cool off.
Ryan's tongue is purple from his grape slushy.
Just hanging out in the back of the paddle boat, making the women do all the work. :)
We found some ducks that were moulting. They looked so funny!
This is my mom after she fell backwards into the boat when trying to switch places with Ryan.
That's about it folks from our exciting weekend with the family. We just played some good ol' canasta and watched a movie Sunday night. Sadly, Ryan dropped my mom off at the airport Monday morning. Hopefully, we will get to see our family again sooner then later.

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Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrating Mary

The day of my mom birthday was chalk full of fun! I wanted this to be a birthday to remember.

You have to spoil the birthday girl but also give her just a little bit of a hard time too. ;oP
I bought her cake at a local bakery but they wanted to charge me an outrageous amount for dots, for dots people! So I just had them do the writing and I added the dots. The birthday colors this year were royal blue (my mom's favorite color), purple and green.
We picked my mom up at the airport and met up with Pat & Rocky as they drove into town. Then we grabbed some lunch at one of their favorite places to eat, La Madeleine. After lunch I surprised my mom by going to Glazed Over Ceramics where you can paint your own pottery and they glaze and fire it for you. My friend, Katie, gave me this neat idea to do as her birthday gift. It's something my mom can keep to commemorate her 60th and always remember what she did on that day. It was a lot of fun and gave us a chance to get creative. My mom chose the hardest design ever! It was so intricate.
Pat decided to paint one for my mom to remember her by. :) She went with butterflies.
I will be picking up our master pieces on Friday and will show you all the final products. They are really light when you paint them but become a lot brighter once glazed and fired.
While the girls were playing, Ryan fixed us a delicious birthday dinner that consisted of BBQ beef sandwiches, baked beans, green chili corn, chips and sodas. It actually wasn't melting hot outside for once so we got to eat outside.
After dinner my mom opened up all her fabulous gifts. Her good friend Cindy sent her some gorgeous earrings all the way from Salt Lake City to my house. We girls really like our jewelry. :)
Pat showered her with so many wonderful gifts. The theme was pampering. Can you tell?
One of my favorite gifts was the bathtub holder. I don't know what you really call it but you can lay your book on it to read while in the tub. Great idea!
She got so many, many gifts from Pat.
A sweet picture of Rocky, Pat and Mary. (Pat & my mom are first cousins.)
Ryan, Mom and I
Mother, daughter (Yogi wanted in the picture)
Then it was time to blow out the candles and dig into the delicious chocolate cake.
I hope she felt loved and extra special on her birthday. The Lord knows just how special she is.
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