Monday, June 1, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

One thing I love to do in the Spring and Summer time is go to baseball games. It is one of my favorite past times. Some of my favorite sporting memories were at Royals games in Kansas City. I especially loved buck night where sodas, hot dogs and peanuts were only a dollar! They still do them on special nights. My friends (boys) would have bets on who could eat the most hot dogs without up chucking. Ha! Would you believe that I have never been to a NFL game?? I've always wanted to but just never got the chance. You would think I would have since I grew up watching the Chiefs play on TV and they were just 45 minutes from where I lived.
This past Saturday the Kansas State team came down to play in the college championships held at Rice University. So we had to go support our team! It's been a tournament all weekend and they are in the final game tonight.
Perfect photo opp.
Can you tell who was more interested in the game then the perfect photo opp?? :)
Lindsey, Me and Molly
We got to go with fellow K-Staters.
The boys, Brad & Ryan
It was a little boring at first so the girls just chatted but the last couple of innings kept us on our feet. In the last inning we got up 7 to 3 and Rice was last to bat. I thought we had it in the bag but they came back! We luckily pulled it off 7 to 6. It was a really fun night besides a few brawls that almost broke out between some college K-Staters and 50 year old men that were Rice fans. It was nuts but entertaining. People are passionate about their baseball!
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  1. I usually take the boys to the Royals a few times a year. But we have been overloaded with soccer and haven't had time yet. Oh well, we still have to Sept, no rush, right? LOL

    As far as NFL, that is actually funny. I took Carson's dad for the first time in his life a few years back and my family owns 10 season tickets so I broke him in right.....Monday night game! I think he ended up liking the tail gating more but we ended up winning that game so it was a great time!

    Hope your having a great start to summer. Will you be coming to KC anytime soon?


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