Friday, June 19, 2009

Sally's Home!!

Sorry, this is not the Show Us Where You Live post. Its been a crazy week, and I haven't created the post yet. I will try and get that up on Saturday.

I have some BIG news... Sally is HOME!!! I haven't been able to post on it until today, but she got back from Europe this past weekend. Everybody is beyond excited and was really ready for her to come home. She was missed dearly. Unfortunately, Ryan & I couldn't be there to greet her because we were in New Mexico, but we were there in spirit.

She has been gone a long time with studying abroad in Italy since January, and then when school was over in May, she traveled all over Europe for 6 weeks with some good friends. We couldn't be more proud of her but are so glad she is home. I don't think we will let her be gone that long again, ever! We need our Sally!

I got these pictures from Ryan's parents. This is Emily (older sister) hugging Sally.
Sally & her dad, Harlan
Sally & her momma, Susan
Taking it all in that she is actually home.
Sally, we can't wait to see you over the Fourth of July! I want to bake chocolate chip cookies with you! We are so glad you made it home in one piece. LOVE YOU! XOXOXO

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