Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Mexico Day Two

**Warning**Lots of Pictures to Follow**
To start out our Saturday morning we went over to the Norton family's vacation cabin that has been in the family for decades. It was so cute! Kenneth's mom, Karen, made an incredible breakfast for all of the wedding guests.
From left to right, Ryan, Brady, Sam and Kelli
Kurt, Kenneth (groom) & Karen (groom's mom a.k.a cooker extraordinaire)
Christyn & Tony Victoria & Erica
The whole gang minus the bride (Melinda). Since this is their wedding day, they didn't see each other in the morning. What's funny about this group of guys is that they were all DU's together and more then half of them were Industrial Engineers. For whatever reason DU produced a lot of them!
Back: Derek, Kurt, Tony, Kenneth, Brady, Jon
Front: Christyn, Victoria, Me, Kelli, Samantha, Erica, Ryan
After breakfast, Ken wanted to show us around his stomping grounds and take us on a quick hike.
He had stories for everything including this water fall, but I can't remember it. :)
I took this picture right before Erica tripped. Too bad I didn't get the action shot!
This is Derek holding up a stick. You may ask why? Well, Ken used to play "Pooh Sticks" as a kid with his family. I had no clue what he was talking about. Apparently, it's from the movie Winnie the Pooh.
What you do is, you find a stick then you go to this old bridge pictured below. Then you throw the stick in the water on one side and run to the other side to see who's stick made it down river the fastest. Ha! We were all going to participate but there were some fishermen in our way. Boo!
We stopped at a local convenient store that Ken liked to get candy from as a kid. Outside of the shop were about a million hummingbirds! I've never seen so many in my life. This picture just doesn't give it justice.
They were so tame, that I even petted one!
Walking back over the bridge. We were hoping the fishermen were gone by then, but they were still there.
I just thought this picture was cute of the boys walking together.
When we got back to our cabin Ryan decided it was time to wade out into the river. It is freezing and very slippery. This is actually him catching himself before he almost fell.
Then we all got ready for the wedding at 3:00.
Kurt & Kelli- They live in Kansas City, MO
Brady & Samantha (with the "bug" her soon to be baby in October)- They live in Wichita, KS
Tony & Christyn- They live in Manhattan, New York
Ryan & I
This was the view driving up to the wedding location at a local bed & breakfast. The mountains in the background are breath taking. You can't see them in this picture though.
The ceremony about to start. Can it get any better then this?
Melinda & Ken exchanging vows.
The newlywed couple!
There were gorgeous flowers all over the place.
Then we went back to our cabin in between the wedding & reception to play some cards.
The reception was held at a local restaurant called Frankie's at the Casanova. Ken & Melinda surprised us with a Mariachi band. They were awesome!
First dance
Wedding cakes
All the DU brothers got together to sing their traditional song to the bride.
Afterwards, we all came back to our cabin to hang out. We lit a fire everyday that we were there. It gets down right chilly in the mountains! Tony was our fire keeper, and he was darn good at it!
Sitting around. Sam & Brady
Tony & Christyn Kurt & Kelli
Brady's ridiculous sunburn. His wife put his sunscreen on him and missed a few spots. :) I've never seen anything like it!
Ryan had been planning to jump into the ice cold river since he got there. He finally convinced all the boys to do it with him. You can tell they are already freezing before they even got close to the river in this picture (kind of blurry).
Psyching themselves up.
Running into the river
They had to get fully submerged. You can click on this picture to get a better look at their faces. Ha!
Ryan & Derek both lost one flip flop each while in the water. This is them trying to find it even though their flip flops are all the way down the river by this point.
Ryan was the last to go in and the last out.
Then they all jumped into the hot tub to warm up. Oh my gosh, this whole event was absolutly hilarious!! You should have been there!
One day left of our amazing trip.

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  1. Such a good weekend. Can you believe it finally happened?

  2. Um, why did you guys come home??? LOL I think I would have stayed there forever. Gorgeous!


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