Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Mexico Day Three

On our last day in New Mexico, we started off with a fabulous breakfast that was provided by good friends of the Norton family. Their cabin was gorgeous as well.
To the left is Kenneth's dad, Don, and in the middle is Ken's cousin, Joey. Joey is a junior at Kansas State University right now. All three of these men are DU's. Do you see a pattern? :)
Victoria (on the left) used to be roommates with Ken. She was also on Mortar Board with Ken & Ryan. She is currently a teacher in Kansas City but will be leaving for Virgina shortly to pursue her masters.
Dereck (on the right) was also roommates with Ken as well as being a DU with him. He currently lives in Kansas City as well.
Jon & Erica- currently in Kansas City (Jon was a roommate and DU too)
The bride & groom. Ken graduated as an Industrial Engineer a few years ago and just left his job at Deloitte in Kansas City to pursue a MBA at UCLA this fall. Melinda is a Physician Assistant working at a Urgent Care facility and just left her job to join Kenneth in Los Angeles, CA where she will find another PA position. They dated 9 years prior to getting married and have known each other since the third grade! Needless to say, this was a long time coming. :)
Ryan & I all grungy.
After we said goodbye to a few people back at the cabins, we headed out to explore the Pecos National Historical Park. You can read about here if you're interested. We got to learn about the history of Pecos while watching a video that was very interesting. Then we went on a hike to check things out for ourselves. The only pueblo still standing is the old church.
Then it started to sprinkle so we decided to head back.
Then it really started to come down so we took off running.
The weather was touch and go all day. After we left Pecos we ventured on to Santa Fe. I've always wanted to see it. Our first stop was at the Miraculous Stairway at the Loretto Chapel. This is a must see when you come to Santa Fe.
Front of the chapel.
The famous stairway. There are many miraculous things about this staircase but the most evident is the fact that it was built with no support system and no nails. It is essentially floating with nothing touching it. It was originally built without any rails. Can you even imagine! Read more about this staircase here.
A picture of a picture before the rails were put on. Looks pretty scary to me.
Ryan admiring the awesomeness of the staircase.
The rest of the chapel.
After that we hit the streets of Santa Fe. I love all the pueblo looking buildings. Everything was so artsy too!
Lots of awesome shops and outside vendors. Ladies, you could do some damage here.
Later, we ventured on to Albuquerque where we were staying the night at a hotel near the airport. We originally wanted to take a tram to the top of a mountain but due to a storm coming in, it was a no go. This is a picture of the line the tram went up on. This was just the first tower. It's goes much MUCH higher then this. Too bad. :( Maybe next time.
Since we were already there we decided to hike up one of the paths near by.
It was an incredible view. I've never really seen a storm roll in like this. You could see forever. In the distance you can even see where it was already raining.
Picture moment!
Melinda & Ken
The storm started to get a little too close for comfort so we hightailed it out of there and went to grab some grub at a local pizza place. It was sad because this was our last meal together.
Kurt, Kelli, Ken, Melinda, Christyn, Tony, Me & Ryan
Ken & Melinda headed back to Pecos while the rest of us went to Apple Bee's to watch the rest of the NBA championships. We were all catching flights out of NM in the morning. Ryan decided he was still hungry and tackled a cookie and ice cream dessert. :) He did have some help with that.
It was one of the best weekends that I have ever experienced. Thanks to Ken & Melinda's gorgeous wedding, and their hospitality with showing us a very special place to them. I will never forget the hilarious moments, lots of laughs and the beautiful places we visited from this trip. I want to go back already but everybody will have to come with!

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  1. You are won of those woman that it doesn't matter if you have make up on or not, your still beautiful!

    New Mexico looks like a really great place to explore. Glad you had a safe and fun trip.

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun!!!! New Mexico looks awesome-I've always wanted to visit Santa Fe. :)


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