Monday, June 15, 2009

New Mexico Day One

This past weekend we celebrated our good friends, Kenneth & Melinda's, wedding in New Mexico. Ryan & I were there Friday and flew out Monday morning. Neither one of us had ever been there before so we were really excited to experience it with our good friends.

A funny story about Kenneth and Ryan. Both of their parents went to school together. Their dads were DU's at the same time and their moms were Kappa's at the same time. They even attended each other's weddings! So when Kenneth & Ryan went to KSU and pledged DU together, it was pretty ironic. They didn't even really know each other very well before that! Now, Kenneth was a groomsman in our wedding and we just attended his wedding, keeping the tradition alive. It was a small, quaint destination wedding with just immediate family members and close friends. It was truly the most breath taking wedding I've ever seen.

We always get a "before" picture on our trips.
Flying over NM, very dry and red.
This was our cabin that we stayed at in Pecos, NM. It was brand new and freaking amazing! We stayed with three other couples here. All the men were DU's with Ryan.
The living room, gorgeous. Kelli is smiling up at me.
Dining room. Brady & his wife Samantha to the left.
Wedding favors Ken & Melinda left us. They gave us Nalgene bottles that had a survival kit for the woods in one and candy in the other. They also gave us golf balls and playing cards that included instructions on how to play their favorite card game. I thought the gifts were so creative!
Another view of the living room. Another frat brother, Tony, then Kelli and Sam.
There were two bedrooms down stairs and two beds in this upstairs loft.
Kitchen and laundry The backyard with the Pecos River running through it. That is Brady, one of Ryan's fraternity brothers, standing next to him.
The front porch with a hot tub.
The other side of the porch.
Fire pit and hammock
Ryan already conjuring up plans for the freezing cold river that comes from snow melt off the mountains. The STEEP drive down to the cabin. You had to do a three point turn just to turn onto the drive and then it was so steep you couldn't see where you were going. Ha! It doesn't look that steep in this picture. You will just have to trust me on this one.
More of our views. Pecos is where Kenneth's family has been vacationing for years, even before he was born. They own a cabin further down the road.
I was checking to see just how cold the water was. Yep, it's somewhere in the upper 30's during the day.
Once we all were settled in to the cabin, we all got ready for the rehearsal dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of it besides the one below. :( I don't know what I was thinking. It was pretty funny to hear all of Kenneth's fraternity brothers "roasting" him and telling funny stories from college days.
I have two more days to post. Get ready for some b-e-a-utiful pictures!

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