Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sorry, I couldn't help myself. They are just so darn cute! :) Looking at this picture will give you an idea of this past weekend for us. I haven't had too much to blog about this week, which is a good thing. We needed to slow down for a bit.

Friday night was date night with dinner and a movie. Saturday we slept in (well... I did anyway). Then I made an attempt to clean the house but my biggest accomplishment was getting caught up on all the laundry. Ryan spent all day cleaning the Tahoe. That thing is a beast! Even though I would have rather him clean the house, it's nice to have a squeaky clean car to ride around in. If you thought Saturday was lazy, you should have seen my Sunday! I can't even remember what I did! I love those weekends. They seem few and far between. Now, I just need to snap out of this laziness. Any suggestions? I am making brownies at the moment. Maybe that will help... :oP

KC is so lazy that he needs assistance propping up his head to look around.

Well, I guess I am off to go make sure the brownies aren't burning and catch up on all my DVRed shows (since I've been so busy to watch them?). I hope I will have more exciting things to blog about soon. You could come visit me and then I could blog about you. Just a thought. :)

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  1. Too cute! I love the headrest. Your tabby reminds me of my tabby. :-)

  2. PS- I just searched for "Yogi" on you blog and checked out some post. He does look JUST like a big Judah! Your cats are so cute! I'm obsessed with Judah too. When I get home from work I say a quick hi/kiss to the Mr. and then snuggle Judah and dote over him. Ha!

  3. So cute, my dog does the same thing. I think she feels like her head is so heavy she must rest it on the coffee table.


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