Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fourth of July Tradition

It's become a tradition to celebrate the Fourth of July at Ryan's family's farm in Kansas. It's perfect because you are around family, good food and no restrictions on fireworks when you are outside the city limits. :)
I found some pictures from the fourth a few years ago that made me laugh. This picture was of Sally (my sis-in-law) & I trying to pinch the "snappers" between our fingers to make them pop. I don't know what their official name is but I call them snappers. You usually throw them on the ground to pop. It is a staple on the fourth. I don't know what it is with fireworks and boys. They HAVE to be the ones to light the big daddies! Notice all the smoke that was around the tank that says "flammable". I praise God every year after the fourth that the boys didn't seriously injure themselves.
This is the usual place you will find the audience watching the light show. It's relatively safe until one of the firecrackers gets pointed into the shed! We are usually in here because the last few years mother nature has decided to rain. Why is that?? I'm crossing my fingers that it doesn't this year. It's looking promising since it has been so dry! Ryan & his best friend, Miles, ducking from sparks...
I love this picture of Sally and her mom, Susan.
Ryan & I a little wet from trying to light fireworks in the rain.
One of my favorite things to do is lighting sparklers with the family. It's so pretty and makes for good pictures.
I LOVE the fourth and I can't wait to see all our family and friends. Hopefully, it will cure my homesickness. :)

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