Saturday, May 9, 2009

Table Top Tapestry

Remember when I said that Katie and I were doing something fun Tuesday night? Well, that something fun was going to my first Table Top Tapestry at Second Baptist Church. Since Katie goes to that church she invited me along as her date. We got to look at pretty table scape's, have dinner, listen to a beautiful singer, and a comic gave her testimony. There were giveaways too. I was happy to oblige.

I had never heard of a Table Top Tapestry before and if you are like me I will explain. It's basically a bunch of ladies that decorate a table with some kind of theme, and they go above and beyond! I have never seen anything like it! It had to have taken them hours and cost a pretty penny too! I'll just give you an idea of how many tables there were to look at... there were over 1,200 women there (we all sat at a table), so do the math. A LOT! There was no way for me to even look at all of them. I just went around snapping a photo here and there and picking my jaw up off the floor every once in awhile. It was a great way to get some party table scape ideas.

I would recommend to anyone, if you get the chance to ever go to one, GO! I took quite a few pictures so I put them in a slide show so it would be less overwhelming. Enjoy!

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  1. Those tables look awesome!! I would have loved to see them in person...sounds like something I would really enjoy. What church do you guys go to? Brian and I just joined a Baptist church and we really like it. I don't come from much of a religious background but we really wanted to raise Rylie in a Christian home.

  2. Just got invited to a Table Top Tapestry, and when I googled it, your blog came up. Thanks for the great explanation. Now, I know what I'm attending and am really looking forward to it:)


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