Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pure Entertainment

This first clip is of the cutest older couple ever! You can't help but smile when you watch it. If you know me, then you know I have a HUGE heart for the elderly. I have always volunteered or worked somewhere where I could interact with them. They are pure joy and entertaining at that! Since college I have not had the opportunity to get back into spending time investing in the elderly but I know they will always be a big part of my life.

This video kind of reminded me of Ryan! Ha! I hope this is what we will be like 60 some years from now. I could only hope to be that blessed. (Getting a little sentimental right before our anniversary.)

The second clip of the post comes via my camera. Some of you already know our cats, but those of you that don't, should know they are incredibly entertaining. I really should put them on a show or something. Back when Ryan & I first got married we bought a very nice (read: expensive) furry throw for our bed. I thought it really completed the look of our bedding. Well, here comes along Yogi and the next thing I know I hear purring. I look over to see Yog's kneading the blanket and suckling it. It was like he was trying to nurse it and the blanket was his mommy! I about died. Eventually, we gave in and it is no longer a nice addition to our bedding, it is yogi's security blanket. To this day he still nurses the thing. So I got a clip of it just so show you all and I hope you are entertained. (It's kind of hard to see b/c he blends in with the blanket, but you get the idea.)

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