Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Pictures

My mom took the following pictures for me since I couldn't be there on Mother's Day. We went in together on an Edible fruit arrangement and balloon for my beautiful Grandma. I LOVE fruit arrangements. They are so fun and delicious! Isn't my Grandma the cutest?!
This picture cracked me up. Thanks mom for the smile!
My mom even took a picture with the flower bouquet I had sent to her work as one of her Mother's Day gifts. You look gorgeous mom. Wish we could have been there. :)
In other news, I have been sick since late Saturday night. Ick. I was home sick yesterday and tried to go to work this morning but ended up coming home over lunch. We finally got our computer back today! So that is some good news. It is back up and running. I am still looking for a good laptop, any suggestions? I kind of have my eye on a Sony Vaio. Does anyone like those?

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