Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Katie!

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y K A T I E!!!
I have had the good fortune of becoming Katie's friend through ConocoPhillips. She was really my first friend when I started my full time job there. How lucky was I to work in the same group as this hilarious and beautiful girl?? We instantly clicked and she took me under her wing by showing me the ropes. After working together for several months she hit me with the news that her husband was being transferred to Houston. What was I going to do without my life support? Thankfully, Ryan was eventually transferred back to Houston and we were in the same town again though not in the same group. :( Unfortunately, she has recently dropped another bomb shell on me. Her husband is going back to school for his MBA in Dallas and they will be moving at the end of the summer. You have got to be kidding me! Ryan, are we moving to Dallas too? Oh I kid.

First time I met Katie was at a New Hire Network event. We played on the same flag football team and we took no prisoners. Katie & I were on the front line together. See if you can spot us.

(Some of the hilarity's at work :))

Katie, you have been an incredible friend to share life with. I am so grateful for the bible study you invited me to and the community of friends you involved me in, to the nights you allowed me to sleep at your house when Ryan was out of town, to going with me to my favorite restaurant in Bartlesville(McAlisters) at least once a week :) and to all the little thoughtful things you have done. You are the best darn domestic, working woman I know! We have had so many fun times together and it will not be the same with out you. I guess I am just going to get fat without my workout buddy. I'm still going to call and email to bounce baking ideas off you. I do have a couple more months to soak you in, but don't forget about me when you guys move on to bigger and better things!

(McAlisters of course)I'm sorely going to miss your histarical stories, and your obsession with mullets and taking pictures or being in the picture with them.

(You didn't know I still had this pic did you?)

Katie, why don't I have more pictures with you?! We need to rectify this before you leave...

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