Monday, May 25, 2009

Fredericksburg Trip

Ryan & I just got back from our weekend getaway in Fredericksburg, Texas. If you want to learn more about the German town, Fredericksburg, click here. We decided to go there for Memorial Day weekend to celebrate our three year anniversary. We've heard so many great things about it and thought it would be the perfect little trip.
It was bigger then we thought. There is a main drag called... you guessed it, Main Street. There were a ton of cute little shops that included boutiques, wineries, furniture stores, ice cream parlors, gift shops, restaurants and my personal favorite bakeries. Plus a ton more that would take me forever to list.

One particular bakery I had to try was Rather Sweet Bakery & Cafe. They have been featured in many magazines and have their own recipe books. This is how I actually first heard of Fredericksburg through Ryan's mom. She owns two of their recipe books and has gone to Fredericksburg just to stop by this place. So of course it was high on my list to try.
It was adorable! On our first day we just had some of their baked goods, and we stopped by there again on our last day for a delicious breakfast.
Fredericksburg is so cute and quaint. If the shops weren't on Main Street they were all in cottage homes. They even had law, insurance and medical offices in cottage houses. I thought it was a little odd to see an Urgent Care sign outside of a cute house with a wrap around deck and rockers in front of it. Didn't seem so urgent to me!
Some of our good friends Jon & Katie had just been there and told us to stop by Rustlin Rob's Texas Gourmet Foods. It is filled with all kinds of dips that you can sample throughout the store. They have salsas, dressings, cream cheese with jelly on top, seasonings and hot sauce. Speaking of hot sauce... Of course Ryan tried like three salsas and then saw a sign for the hottest hot sauce and he HAD to try it. We even just saw a couple sample it before us and they were in tears. So I whipped out the camera to get in action shot of Ryan.
Before the drama...
The danger signs. You must be 18 years or older to try it.
The aftermath. I took a lot of other pictures that weren't as flattering so I will just keep to this one. :) Ryan thought he was having an allergic reaction. I've never seen him in so much pain from eating something hot. He thought he was the master of hot sauces until then.
I felt sorry for him and decided to try the tiniest amount possible just so I could say I tried it. This was the effect...
I immediately started tearing up and coughing. We both downed the closest thing to drink and we were still was on fire. It took awhile to get our taste buds back but we did buy that hot sauce. Please don't ask me why.
After all that excitement it was time to check into our bed & breakfast. It was called the Attic Haus and it was above the owners garage near their own home. It was super cute.
It had everything we needed/wanted but there was just one little problem. It smelled like horrific cat pee!! It was awful. Needless to say, we didn't spend that much time at our bed & breakfast. When we were there we lit a candle to mask the scent. Oh well, I would still recommend b&b's just not this one. :)
It was still cute and well decorated even though it smelled.
This was the pool we could swim in. Unfortunately, it rained for a little bit Saturday & Sunday, but that didn't stop Ryan Sunday morning to still try it out!
The back of the owners home. It had a gorgeous wrap around porch. I LOVED their backyard.
It backed up to a creek.
They also had this cute pool house.
It was perfect for entertaining and it gave me lots of ideas. I'm not sure what that building in the background was but I liked it!
After dropping our stuff off we decided to explore the area by going on a nice long walk. It was so nice and we even saw a herd (or is it pack?) of 15 deer! I've never seen so many together before. Then we got ready and headed out to eat dinner at a place that was recommended to us called Hondo's. Apparently, it was named after some guy that is responsible for making Fredericksburg famous or something like that. They had live country music that we enjoyed while we ate. They had some pretty cool shirts so Ryan decided to get one (or I made him get one :)). Sunday morning after Ryan took a dip in the pool, we drove out to see the Enchanted Rock. Once we got to there, we realize we weren't fully committed to climbing this huge rock. Between the huge line and the pay to park sign we decided a few pics from the road were good enough for this trip. Plus, Ryan & I were both gimps because our right ankles were hurting (that is a whole other story). It was a beautiful drive and still a lot of fun.
Next, we had a date at the Rockbox. Jon & Katie so graciously gave us tickets to see the musical show. Thank you guys! We had a lot of fun and we were in the second row! :) It was a musical production of different decades of music by a group of 8 people, and they change it up every weekend. Ryan & I were definitely the youngest in the crowd but it was a blast.
After that, since we were both out of commission with our ankles, we just decided to sit outside and enjoy the weather. Then we had dinner at a Mexican place and went to see the movie, Star Trek. I liked it even though I'd never really watched Star Trek before.
Monday, we just got ready had breakfast at Rather Sweet, checked out and hit up a few more shops before heading out. Memorial Day traffic is the worst so we wanted to give us plenty of time to get home. It was the perfect relaxing weekend and even got some good shopping time in. More on that later.
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