Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend Projects

I interrupt the regular programming to bring you my weekend projects! Sorry, if you came here to read about Day 8 of Italy, but I needed a slight break. Hopefully you will still enjoy this fun and exciting post.

This past Sunday my good friend,Katie, came over to make cake pops with me. I'm not sure if you have ever heard of them, because I hadn't until a few months ago. You basically put cake on a stick and you can turn them into any cute character you want. We decided to go with an Easter theme for our first try at these.
The items I used for the cake pops.
You start out baking a cake from the directions on the box and once that's cooled you crumble the cake into a bowel. Them you add icing and mix that together until you can form the cake into balls or the shape you want them to be. Stick them into the refrigerator or freezer for a few hours until they are firm. Then, you melt some chocolate and dip the lolly pop sticks into it and push the stick about halfway into the cake ball. Once dried, you can start dipping the cake pops into the melted chocolate to cover.
Katie's demonstrating how it's done.
So fun!
Skinny, Minnie over here is a pro!
Here are a few that have been dipped and a few that are waiting to be.
Once the chocolate has completely dried you can start decorating them.
Little chicks! Katie & I got the idea off of Bakerella. Check her out if you haven't already. She goes into more detail on how to make them. Hers are way cuter! We also made some Easter eggs but I didn't get around to decorating all of them. By that point, I was running out of steam. You can see one of them on the left side.
The next project from this weekend was painting our guest bedroom. We are having family come in town for Easter and so we decided it was high time to tackle this paint job. It was like this when we moved in from being a model home, and since we are not having little ones any time soon it needed to go. Plus, when kiddo's do come along I want to pick my own paint scheme anyway.
It was very bright, but you can't really tell from this picture.
Florescent really. It doesn't quite go with our furniture.
Let's just say the walls needed a lot of primer and several coats of paint to cover the very lovely flowers. I actually thought the pink chair rail was the hardest to cover!
My hard workin' hubby.
These are the after pictures. We still need to add a few accessory pieces to the room. I want to add some color to this side with some throw pillows and changing out the lamp shade.
Still needs a few things, but MUCH better. Ha!
I feel so calm in this room now.
Now the room is all ready for our family. My God mother (second cousin), Pat, and her husband, Rocky, are coming in from Dallas. Plus their daughter, Wendy, and her daughter, Emilee, are coming all the way from France. They all arrive Wednesday night and are staying a week! We are so excited and can't wait until they get here. Since Wendy and Emilee live so far away I NEVER get to see them so this will be an extra special Easter. In any case, I may not be blogging as much while they are here. Just wanted to give you all a heads up! ;)

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