Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Italy Day 11

This morning we tried out what would become our favorite pastry shop. My mom and the owner became good friends fast! Ha! I think he could have been a good pick for her.

Ryan & I relaxing before another big day in Rome.
Mary & Sally Group shot with the owner that fancied my mom. :)
Hitting the streets of Rome.
Ponte Sant'Angelo bridge or the bridge of Hadrian.
Castel Sant'Angelo- or the Mausoleum of Hadrian
The Emily
Susan, Sally and Emily
This was a really sweet man we came across with the cutest dog ever! I want to stick a dog in my bag too! I begged him to let me keep his adorable pup. It was a no go.
Sally was checking out one of the many food markets in Rome. I wish we had more of these in the U.S.
My mom & I in front of the Fontana di Trevi. We threw in our coins to make a wish. My fingers are crossed it comes true!
Fontana di Trevi. Again, this was so big I couldn't fit it all into one picture.
The 'Spanish Steps' is the longest and widest staircase in all of Europe.
The Vatican Museums - The marble group of the Laocoon.
One of the inner courtyards in the Vatican.
These are just some pictures of different displays in the museum. It would take you more then a whole day just to get through the entire thing. This is also the location of the Sistine Chapel but you are not allowed to take pictures. The whole thing is pretty overwhelming. Just make sure you have eaten and are wearing comfortable shoes.
My mom was all about seeing everything in the museum. She really gets into the many displays. Me on the other hand, couldn't make it through everything.
This staircase leading down from the museums, designed in 1932 by Giuseooe Momo, is in the form of a double helix, consisting of two spirals: one walks up and one walks down.
St. Peter's Square.
St. Peter's Church
Vatican Museums
Michelangelo's Pieta created in 1499 when Michelangelo was only 25.
Inside of St. Peter's.
Baldacchino canopy stands above St. Peter's tomb.
The Papal Altar stands over the crypt where St. Peter is reputedly buried many feet below. These are the stairs leading down.
The church's main alter.
Ryan & I looking out over St. Peter's square.
The Arch of Constantine.
Our one and only Chinese dinner in Rome. Can you tell we were missing the food back home?
Bundling up at the train station. The few days we spent in Rome were definitely the coolest weather wise.
After dinner we had to stop by another pastry store for dessert. They were already getting ready for Easter. I wanted to take home that giant chocolate egg but I didn't think it would fit in my luggage.
Only one more day to go!

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  1. Lindsey,
    You don't know me - but I saw a link to your blog on Elizabeth Koehler's - I'm her sister-in-law's best friend. I saw "Italy Day 11" and just had to check out your pictures. It was really exciting to see the picture of the Spanish Steps without scaffolding - I've been to Rome twice in the past two years, and both times part of the white building behind the stairs was covered with scaffolding. They said the building used to be the gray color of the stone street that ran in front of the steps. I enjoyed looking through your pictures! Sounds like you had lots of fun!



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