Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Italy Day 10

Today was our first day in Rome, which was arguably my favorite place we went to. This city is incredible. You could stay there a month and not see everything.

Below is the front view of the Pantheon. It's so big I couldn't fit it all into one frame! Each column you see is made out of one solid piece of granite and shipped in from different countries. That is a lot of work back in those days. It's even said they would transport them underwater because the columns were so big and heavy.
The inside view of the Pantheon. Again, too big to fit into one frame.
We had a tour guide this day and she thought of this camera angle shot. I thought it was neat, even though I look weird. :)
The gang, minus Emily & Harlan who were getting lost at this point trying to return the rental car. Driving in Rome was definitely the scariest. I've never seen stacked parking several lanes into the street before! Usually cars that park on the road will only take up one lane of the street.
Susan, Sally, Ryan, Me and Mary(mom)
This is St. Catherine's church where the rest of her body is buried.
I LOVED the streets of Rome because you could see the old ruins mixed in with the "newer" buildings. I say "newer" because they haven't been allowed to build anything new in the last 100 years.
Julius Caesar's forum. This is where he was killed by the columns in the back. Now it is a cat haven and where all the stray cats are taken. If you know me, you know I loved this area.
I got to see all the Italian kitties I wanted!
Hello there!
This entire building was built just as a memorial for all the soldiers that lost their lives and especially for the soldiers that were never found.
This is a great picture because it shows Rome's original ground level about 60 some feet below what it is today. There really is a hidden city underneath the ground of Rome.
Palazzo Senatorio - seat of the city government
The Roman Forum ruins.
You can see the Colosseum in the background.
Susan, Mary, Me, Ryan & Sally
There are seven famous hills in Rome and the hill in the background is the most famous. It was the founding hill where Rome was brought to life.
The reason these structures were not preserved is because the Pope ordered to have them destroyed. Either because the structures had been used to worship pagan gods or they had items worth a lot of money they could reuse for their new buildings. The Pope's motto was to reuse everything even when it required destroying palaces and important buildings.
Capitoline Wolf with Romulus and Remus. The symbol of Rome.
A statue of Julius Caesar.
There were four maps that showed the progression of the land Italy had captured back in Romain times. They pretty much had seized most of Europe as we know it now.
The Colosseum.
The gang finally back together again at the end of the tour!
Harlan, Emily, Mary, Ryan, Me, Susan & Sally
Sally and our awesome tour guide. I couldn't believe everything she new about Rome and it's history. I would totally recommend getting a tour guide when you go to Rome. There is just too much there to comprehend everything.
We were starving after the tour and had dinner at a really cute restaurant across from the Colosseum.
This was one of many internet cafes we hit up on our trip. Can't live without our internet!
Our first chance to use a subway system was in Rome.
This is one of the fountains in the St. Peter's square at night.
We stayed at a privately owned apartment right across from the Vatican. Which our tour guide hooked us up with! Sally knew our tour guide prior to our trip.
One side of the living room. Sally was stretching after a long day of exploring.
The other side of the living room.
One of the bedrooms. This was such a nice apartment and it even had two full bathrooms. I was in heaven.
More to come shortly.

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