Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Part Two

Easter morning was much more fun this year with a nine year old to share it with! I loved seeing Emile get excited about all her Easter goodies. She was really into stickers. I remember loving stickers as a kid too.
Of course we had to get the traditional family pics on Easter morning.
Pat & Rocky
Wendy, Pat, Rocky and Emile upfront.
Emile, Me, Ryan & Wendy.
The family eating Easter brunch after church at the Omni Hotel. It was so delicious! We had a great time at the Omni. They had music, decor, amazing food, koi fish ponds throughout the inside and even a petting zoo outside. This was a very blurry picture but I didn't get another one! The Easter Bunny even visited us. Emile didn't want to get too close to him and I don't really blame her. There's just something about not knowing who is inside the costume that's a little scary to me!
The petting zoo. They had rabbits, ducks, little baby chicks and even a goat?
Isn't that a goat?
It's cute whatever it is.
It actually POURED while we were in church that morning but right after that is turned into a gorgeous day! I couldn't believe it. We even actually went to the pool for the first time this year. Our neighborhood has several pools and this was the only one open. It's crazy they already have one open. The water was still a little chilly as you can tell by Ryan's face.
Emile didn't care she just jumped right in. She was like a fish!
About to jump in with the ball.
They had so much fun playing together.
Look at that dive. I just love pool pictures.
Look! My husband can walk on water!
Getting out for another jump into the pool.
Pat was soaking up the sun pool side.
So I joined her.
I just happened to "forget" my swimsuit. ;)
I think she was getting a little tuckered out.
Well... maybe not.
I love this picture and Rocky's makeshift hat so he didn't burn the top of his head.
Best buds
Later I gave Ryan a much needed hair cut. Did you all know I cut his hair? So if it looks bad don't tell me. :)
It gets a little hairy.
Our last family dinner. I was so lucky to have Wendy and Pat cook for me all week. I would come home from work and dinner would be ready. I was completely spoiled. COME BACK!
Pat & Rocky (and Louie) left Wednesday night for Dallas and Wendy & Emile left early Thursday morning for France. I guess Wendy's husband, Hank, would have minded if I held them hostage and didn't let them return! We have an empty house again and I miss them!!

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